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Find & listen to audio books – this is how it works (also free)

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Find & listen to audio books – this is how it works (also free)

Anyone who wants to listen to music on their smartphone can hardly avoid Spotify. You can find songs from your favorite artists on Spotify from almost every music genre. The offer is regularly expanded. You can also listen to audio books on the streaming service. But the audio books are a bit hidden. The audio book offering in the music streaming app will soon be greatly expanded. A separate audiobook subscription is in the works.

If you enter “audiobooks” in the search bar on Spotify, you will already find a variety of results. However, these are mostly playlists that only have the word “audio books” in the title. So that’s not entirely helpful. Spotify does not yet offer a separate category for the genre. In the USA we are already one step further. There is a special audiobook subscription here.

“Audiobooks Access”: Audiobook subscription on Spotify

At the beginning of October 2023, it was announced that over 150,000 audiobooks would be added to the Spotify program. The audio book offer is available for Premium, Family and Duo users, but will initially only launch in the USA, Canada, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. There are no additional costs for this. You should be able to listen to 15 hours of audio books on Spotify per month with a paid account. If the included hours have expired, you can book additional listening time for a fee. The average length of English-language audio books is 8 to 12 hours (source: Mashable). The audio books are presented in a small trailer:

The catalog should contain “more than 70 percent” of the current bestsellers. Spotify works with large publishing houses such as “Penguin Random House”.

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Since the beginning of March 2042 there has also been a pure audiobook subscription in the USA. That’s where you get Access to over 200,000 audio books for 15 hours per month. The price is $9.99 per month. Compared to a normal Spotify subscription, you have to forego all music titles, However, pure audio book access costs less. The regular price for Spotify in the US is $15.

The audio book offer is not yet available in Germany. It is also not known when it will be activated for users in this country.

How to find audiobooks on Spotify?

With a German Spotify account, you currently have to search specifically for a title in order to find a corresponding audio book in the library. Alternatively, you can search for the author whose literary work you would like to hear as an audio book. So enter “Stephen King” or “Sebastian Fitzek” as a search term, for example. You then open the profile page of the corresponding author. This gives you a quick overview of all available audio books by the respective author. Theoretically, you can also use the audio books in the free Spotify version. But here you quickly reach the limits of the free account. Most audio books are divided into several chapters. In the app version you can use Spotify for free but only in shuffle mode.

More tips for Spotify in the video:

So you hear the different chapters in a random and not very sensible order. So if you want to listen to audio books for free on Spotify, you should access the desktop version or the browser version.

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On Spotify you will find many audio books from bestsellers and unknown titles in audio format. (Image source: Screenshot GIGA)

Unlike in the app, individual tracks from an album or audio book can be listened to in the correct order from beginning to end. If you want to listen to the various stories comfortably on the sofa or before falling asleep, you can simply have your “big” PC turn off automatically after a certain time using a timer.

Reading tips

Marco Kratzenberg

Spotify: Find good audio books and radio plays

Many users have taken the trouble to combine various audio books into their own playlists. Search for “audiobooks” and view all playlists in the top Spotify window. You can now search these for interesting audio books.

You can find an extensive collection of different audio books on Spotify here. If you want to access various novels and written documents in read form on the go, we recommend taking a look at the app “lismio”, which was previously called “Spooks”. Here you will find a directory of various audio books that you can browse by different genres. Lismio brings you crime novels, thrillers and children’s books for Spotify on your Android smartphone as well as on your iPad and iPhone.

Lismio im Play Store

Lismio: audio books & radio plays

Zebralution GmbH

Lismio im Apple App Store

Lismio: audio books & radio plays

Zebralution GmbH

Finding audio books on Spotify is not as easy as you might think. As with pieces of music, you should at least know in advance which author you want to stream in the audio book version. The music streaming service itself does not yet offer a general search for audio books. If you are looking for inspiration for current audio books in advance, take a look at the audio book charts on Amazon and then search for the appropriate author and title on Spotify. By the way, you can find plenty of children’s radio plays on Spotify.

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