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Find & restore archived emails

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Find & restore archived emails

The archiving feature of Gmail is a practical way to keep your inbox clear and clean without having to sort and move the emails to specific folders. Here you can find out how to find your archived messages in Gmail and how to move them back to the inbox.

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archive emails

The archiving feature should not be confused with the folders and labels. To archive emails, simply proceed as follows:

Single email

Either you move it Mouse pointer in the inbox on the corresponding mail and then right click on the “Archive” button (Folder with a down arrow on it). Image source: GIGA Or you open the corresponding mail and click on the top menu bar “Archive” button. Image source: GIGA

Multiple emails

Tick ​​the desired emails in your inbox that you want to archive. Finally, click on the in the menu bar at the top “Archive” button (Folder with a down arrow on it). Image source: GIGA

So you can quickly restore a clear inbox without having to sort or delete mails directly. Of course, you can also sort the archived messages later or put them back in the inbox.

Find archived emails

In the Gmail inbox, archiving means that you remove the mail from your inbox and the message only under the Item “All E-Mails” is to be retrieved. You can also find the archived messages using the search function. To display all mails including the archived ones, proceed as follows:

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Click in left menu on the Item “∨ More”.Choose the one here Menu item “All E-Mails” out of. Image source: GIGA

Move archived emails back to the inbox

If you accidentally archived an email, you can easily restore it and put it back in the inbox. Proceed as follows:

open this All Emails menu as described above.Sets at the or the e-mails a hook.Click on the in the menu bar at the top Move to Inbox button (arrow over a folder) to restore the archived messages. Image source: GIGA

Archive emails in their own folder instead?

If you don’t like the way all archived emails are placed under “All messages”, you can of course simply create an archive label yourself and move the relevant messages here. To do this, proceed as follows:

Click in selection menu (left) on the Item “More”. Image source: GIGA Now scroll down and click on the Menu item “Create new label”. Image source: GIGA Enter under “Enter a new label name” e.g. mail archive in and click “Create”. Image source: GIGA
Tick ​​the mails boxwhich you want to move to the folder. Finally, click on Postpone (folder icon) and select your created archive label. Image source: GIGA

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