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Five on Friday: He’s always there

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Five on Friday: He’s always there

Image: Philips

Mopping vacuum cleaner

The mop will soon be obsolete. More and more manufacturers are offering vacuum cleaners that can mop. Philips, whose household appliances division is now called Versuni, was one of the first and is following up with the next model. The 8000 Aqua for 650 euros has two main attachments. One of them can mop and vacuum at the same time, now even in both forward and backward motion. Compared to the previous model, the battery can be replaced. For dust, crumbs and stains all at once, we recommend turbo mode, which lasts half an hour. With Eco, the Aqua 8000 runs for 80 minutes. It converts into a handheld vacuum cleaner if necessary. The device can be controlled “intelligently” via the screen. (made.)

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