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Five on Friday: What a lucky guy!

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Five on Friday: What a lucky guy!

Bild: Manufacturer

pan caster

The question of what material a pan should be made of is a subject of great debate. Usually it is about the choice between copper, stainless steel or iron. However, Le Creuset offers a range of aluminum pans. The latest example: a sauté pan with two spouts and a stainless steel lid for 170 euros. Aluminum conducts heat quickly, and the non-stick coating prevents food from sticking. Thanks to its two spouts, roast juice can be poured off quickly or sauces can be poured off directly. Sauté pans are particularly suitable for stews because they have a higher edge than normal pans. After searing, it can disappear in the oven at up to 260 degrees Celsius. (made.)

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