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Flights for adults only? Here’s what emerged from a survey by P…

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Flights for adults only?  Here’s what emerged from a survey by P…

PhotoAiD decided to consult over 1,000 people to find out what they think about flights for adults only.

Flights for adults only? Here’s what they think… adults

The reason for this study is quite clear if you are an assiduous tiktoker: towards the end of 2022, in fact, a video went viral on the famous Chinese platform in which a woman wonders why there are no flights for adults only. The lady’s complaint was triggered by a child throwing a tantrum in the background.

The video sparked, as usual, a great debate, but do adults really want adults-only flights?

PhotoAiD decided to ask them, collecting results that were partly obvious, partly not. In total around 8 out of 10 respondents would prefer adult-only flights. Among the most supportive of the idea are: premium passengers (89%), people who are not parents (87%) and men (85%).

Flights for adults only, then, but at what price?

When asked how much extra they would pay for a seat on a 3 hour flight for adults only, the 67% of premium passengers say they would spend between 10 and 30% more. 57% of regular passengers would pay between 0 and 10% more.

If instead we talk about flights lasting up to 6 hoursil 71% of premium passengers confirmed the percentages of before, while only the 49% of regular passengers would pay more.

Finally, for i flights lasting more than 6 hoursil 64% would be willing to pay an average of 10-30% or even more.

Let’s talk about sustainability

Let’s not fool ourselves. Planes are polluting media in their own way and the demand for adult-only routes would push airlines to increase the number of trips, with consequent increases in polluting emissions.

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Faced with today’s environmental problem, one is very surprised to note that l’89% of PhotoAiD survey participants still proved themselves in favor of an increase in adult-only flightsnot worrying about the environmental consequences.

Only 11% changed their mind when he understood the dangerous environmental implications.

Who do passengers blame when babies cry?

Almost obvious to say, but 36% of respondents blame their parents, another 25% hold them both equally responsibleWhile 24% blame multiple children themselves.

Furthermore, to the question “What is your typical reaction to a child who cries incessantly, whines, kicks your seat, or otherwise disrupts your travel experience?Some responses have gone a little too far.

“I want to throw the brat off the plane. Without parachute”or “I think the plane crashed and I’m in hell.”

But one is again surprised at the next question: “In a hypothetical scenario, who would you rather be sitting with on an airplane?”.

Il 60% of travellers, incredibly, would choose a child, because “I usually don’t mind the noise of children. I hate adults who throw tantrums more.

Is everyone in favor of adults-only flights?

Not actually. The 18% of the travelers interviewed, plus 11% of those who changed their minds due to the additional emissions, believe that it is not a problem to have children on board.

Here is a plausible answer:

“I was dead tired and needed to sleep during the flight. In the seat behind me was a little boy (about 5 years old?) who started crying every time I closed my eyes. The boy let on that he was scared and his mother was trying to calm him down so I didn’t get angry. I just dealt with it.”

The crossroads of the companies: flights for adults only or flights for everyone?

A possible solution could be separate the aircraft by zones, including some without children. For example, companies may decide to reserve a certain number of cabin rows for adults onlythus also solving the problem of emissions.

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This is not science fiction, since IndiGo, Air Asia X e Malaysia Airlines already contemplate this possibility.

Faced with this opportunity, the 69% of the interviewees proved to be favourable, with the 61% willing to pay 0 to 10% more on the ticket price.

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