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Floods, promises and postponements: ten years without a climate plan

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Floods, promises and postponements: ten years without a climate plan

It was easy to predict: things proceed towards their blurring, as a great writer said, and even the emotion for what happened in Ischia is waning. Just look at the headlines of the newspapers and news today. In a few days everything will be over and we will forget again the urgency of equipping this country with a climate change adaptation plan: putting a beautiful and fragile country, made more fragile by illegal activity, in safety. Yet the Plan has been talked about for ten years.

Special Tech4Climate – Lombardy

And the CO2 problem becomes a resource

by Eleonora Chioda

It was 2012, the year of the flood in Maremma, one of the 1503 extreme meteorological phenomena recorded since 2010 according to Legambiente (1503, a huge figure). In short, it was 2012, the last Berlusconi government, Giorgia Meloni as Minister of Youth, Stefania Prestigiacomo in charge of the Environment, and we begin to prepare a National Climate Strategy, with the commitment to have a Plan listing the things to do. Fast forward a few years, until 2016, in between there are a flood in Genoa, one in Piedmont, one in Benevento: the government of Matteo Renzi, minister Galletti: the Plan is ready, and full of data and advice to be taken on the fly, and in 2017 – Gentiloni government, flood in Livorno – it is shared with the other ministries and regions. To be approved?

Tech4Climate – The interview

“An award to startups that change our climate”

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by Jaime D’Alessandro

No. In 2018, the first Conte government, Minister Costa, the ball finally ends up in the stands: the regions obtain that the Plan be subjected to an Environmental Assessment, but in June 2020, the second Conte government, floods in Palermo, Minister Costa himself requests the Opportunity check on this procedure. Everything stopped. In February 2021 Mario Draghi arrives and Minister Cingolani starts a new preliminary consultation.

The notice

Meta and Lventure launch a call for startups capable of making companies greener

by Alessio Nisi

It’s over? No, in May a technical subcommittee suggests a series of additions to the Plan, which in effect after all this time, is a bit outdated. And it starts again. Ten years have passed, of announcements, delays, jokes, essentially jokes. Now the government says it will be approved within the year. He solemnly promises it. We have one month to make up for ten years.

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