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Fnatic is parting ways with its Rainbow Six: Siege

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Fnatic is parting ways with its Rainbow Six: Siege

Fnatic Parts Ways with Rainbow Six: Siege Roster, Explores Other Opportunities

Fnatic, a prominent British esports organization, has announced that it will be parting ways with its current Rainbow Six: Siege roster. The team expressed its intention to explore other opportunities in the space, including evaluating other regions in the hope of finding a place where it can achieve long-term sustainability and performance-based success.

In a statement, Fnatic acknowledged the disappointment of falling short of delivering performance and value to its fans. The organization emphasized its commitment to returning to the international circuit and competing for trophies, aligning its results with the ambition of its supporters.

The British esports team recently had a roster of Japanese players competing in Asia and Oceania. With the decision to part ways with its current roster, it is evident that Fnatic will be looking to return to the West to compete in the Rainbow Six scene. Fnatic is likely considering European or South American regions as potential destinations, as these regions are home to some of the best and most successful teams in the world.

Despite the departure of its current roster, Fnatic revealed that it does not intend to part ways with every member of the former team. The organization is actively exploring ways to retain Etienne “Mag” Rousseau and keep him within the Fnatic ecosystem. Fnatic has promised to provide further updates on this matter in the near future.

As Fnatic prepares for a new chapter in its Rainbow Six journey, the organization’s fans are eager to see how the team will reforge its presence in the competitive scene. Fnatic’s decision to explore new opportunities demonstrates its dedication to achieving long-term success and delivering outstanding performances to its supporters.

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