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For whom button cell phones are still worthwhile

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They used to be part of everyday life, now they’re more of a rarity: cell phones with buttons. Mobile phones with eleven buttons have been largely replaced by smartphones with touchscreens. Writing on the cell phone is no longer done with physical buttons, but with digital ones. However, some are sticking to the devices with buttons, which can still be really worthwhile in certain situations.

With a smartphone, you have millions of songs in your pocket, hundreds of pictures at your fingertips, and you’re connected to the whole world in a matter of seconds. It’s wonderful, but stressful. Much less is often enough – keyword: digital detox. More and more people feel annoyed by constant app notifications or technically overwhelmed by the many functions. Luckily, the good old button cell phone still exists. In the meantime, the early classics have been trimmed to be modern and some of them also understand WhatsApp. Here are a few compelling reasons why you might want to press more keys again.

The key cell phone and its advantages

In the early days of mobile telephony, cell phones were small and inconspicuous. Since only a few people owned such a device at the time, there was no need to constantly pick up the phone and be reachable. There are also people who consciously reduce their mobile phone consumption – a button cell phone can be very helpful.

The same applies today: a small button cell phone consumes little energy. The battery typically lasts several days, if not weeks, without coming in contact with a plug. And if such a cell phone should fall down – no problem. Apart from a few scratches, the device survives contact with the ground without any damage, mainly because there is no large, sensitive touch display that could be damaged in the event of a fall.

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Today, minimalist cell phones are called feature phones or cell phones for seniors, depending on their configuration. Admittedly, that doesn’t sound particularly sexy. However, there are such phones for well under 100 euros. This means that you can always be reached on the go. Some devices even come with a stripped down version of WhatsApp and a basic browser for quick reference on the go.

For whom a button cell phone can be just right


Older people usually don’t feel like bothering with technical frills. Intuitive operation is important for seniors. Therefore, there are special mobile phones with larger buttons and a high-contrast, easily legible font. This means that grandma and grandpa can be reached on the go and can make calls themselves without any problems.

People with visual impairments or other limitations

It is often not just a question of age, minor physical limitations also make it difficult to use a smartphone. For these people, a phone that feels good in the hand and responds to keystrokes is usually better. Even with poor eyesight, numbers and letters on keys can be read more clearly

People longing for peace

The term “digital detox” refers to people who voluntarily put their smartphones in the drawer for a certain period of time. With a button cell phone, you don’t have to resort to such methods. This decelerates your life solely through the minimalistic functionality. If you buy a purely mobile phone, it only rings once when someone calls. Otherwise there is calm. Watching videos for hours or spending time on any social media channels is technically not possible or at least extremely uncomfortable.

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Outdoor fans & adventure lovers

Are you a person who likes to spend time in nature or loves adventure? Difficult with a smartphone. The sensitive display doesn’t like risky maneuvers. In addition, the touchscreen does not react to wet and cold fingers. A button cell phone is the better solution here because it is more robust. And even if the mobile phone doesn’t survive the adventurous journey, the financial damage is limited.

Inexpensive second mobile phone alternative

For example, if you want or need to be reachable while on vacation, a simple button cell phone is sufficient without any great technical fuss. Or you are self-employed and just want to call it a day. Switch off the smartphone with the known service number and grab the second cell phone. Then only loved ones answer, because only family and best friends know the number.


Children and smartphones, a sensitive topic. Sooner or later, the offspring will also come into contact with it, at the latest in secondary school. If you, as a parent, want to extend the app-free time, give your children a button cell phone. The children are reachable or can call home in an emergency. At the same time, the little ones get a feeling for the technology, because there are hybrid devices with limited Internet functions. However, playing with it for hours is no fun. In return, your children have more time for other beautiful things.

Conclusion on button cell phones

These are some important reasons why such a minimalist mobile phone still makes sense today. Above all, of course, is the low battery consumption. Because mobile phone calls do not consume much energy. This means that you can sometimes use the mobile phone for a week or two without having to charge the battery. This pays off especially when traveling when there isn’t always an outlet available.

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However, you must be clear beforehand: With a button cell phone, you are making a conscious decision to forego certain habits. If you come to the conclusion that this is not possible or you do not want it, then a button cell phone is not the right device for you.

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