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Ford boss: Chinese e-cars are pulling away

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Ford boss: Chinese e-cars are pulling away

When it comes to e-cars, the roles are fairly clear: Tesla paved the way. The traditional manufacturers got off to a sluggish start, but are now getting started. If you are looking for the most innovative vehicles, you have to keep an eye on China more and more often. Ford boss Jim Farley also concedes enormous advantages to Chinese electric cars.

Ford boss: E-cars from China are the biggest competition

“We see them Chinese as our main competition, not GM or Toyota,” said Ford CEO Jim Farley. For him, China is not only the world‘s largest market for cars, but can now build batteries that are among the best around. China also dominates the market for electric cars.

“The Chinese will be the driving force,” Farley is certain (source: Reuters via Automotive News). He already sees some companies ahead that are no longer unknown in this country: BYD, Geely, Great Wall Motors, Changan sowie SAIC would according to Farley to the winners among the Chinese car brands.

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While BYD is now also represented in Germany with its own e-cars – and has also become the largest e-car manufacturer in China – the others in the series are still relatively unknown. Geely, for example, is now behind the Volvo and Polestar brands and holds large shares in Mercedes. The new electric smarts also come from Geely.

SAIC, on the other hand, has so far mainly been known as a partner to German manufacturers for their production in China. The group from Shanghai is also behind the new models of the MG brand.

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The e-car competition in China never sleeps:

Ford, VW, Toyota: How can they keep up with China e-cars?

But how can well-known manufacturers and brands keep up when the Chinese are getting stronger and stronger? A question that the traditional manufacturer Ford must also ask itself. For Farley, there are only two ways: Ford needs one distinctive brand — and according to Farley, have just that — or must achieve lower costs.

For the latter, the chances are extremely bad: Because the Chinese manufacturer could produce in much larger quantities, they are in terms of costs, it has a clear advantage. Against this background, he is also critical of the start of Chinese brands in Europe. With larger shares, you can grow even faster here to compete with Ford or other long-established manufacturers.

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