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Foreign media Tucao AMD, NVIDIA: GPU direction is wrong | XFastest News

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Foreign media Tucao AMD, NVIDIA: GPU direction is wrong | XFastest News

Both AMD and NVIDIA released a new generation of graphics cards with new architectures this year: RX 7000 series and RTX 40 series, both of which have greatly improved their performance.

From a technical point of view, the two graphics cards this year are very interesting, but some things are getting more and more wrong. Many people in the technology media have begun to reflect on the thinking of the two graphics cards. A few days ago, some German media complained that the price was out of control. Now, some foreign media pointed out another current problem: GPU is in the wrong direction, not only expensive, but also getting bigger and bigger.

The first is the price. Foreign media said that the current global economic environment is not good and inflation is serious, but the price increase of the two graphics cards has exceeded the inflation rate. From 2020, the inflation rate is about 15-16. %, but the price of RTX 4080 has increased by 71.5%, and RX 7900 XT is also 38.5% more expensive than RX 6800 XT.

Not only the price increase, foreign media also mentioned another point, that is, the size of the display card is getting bigger and bigger. Foreign media quoted a comparison that someone posted before, and the size of Asustek’s RTX 4090 graphics card is almost as big as that of PS5.

In short, foreign media believe that AMD and NVIDIA have gone astray in the direction of graphics cards, not only the price has risen too fast, but even the volume of graphics cards has been exaggerated a lot. Foreign media hope that this kind of expansion will not penetrate into other graphics cards, and they still hope to see a portable and compact mini PC at a reasonable price, but the current development trend makes this direction not feasible.

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PS: It seems a bit unfair for AMD to be put together in foreign media articles, because regardless of price or volume, AMD has restrained a lot on the RX 7900 series, and it should not be compared with NVIDIA!

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