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Fox Racing, guanti Defend Pro Fire e Defend Lo-Pro Fire

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Fox Racing, guanti Defend Pro Fire e Defend Lo-Pro Fire

Seasonal comparison for two pairs of Fox Racing autumn gloves, both belonging to the Defend line, recommended for temperatures from +5°C upwards, waterproof even with heavy rain. The Pro Fires were very comfortable and functional while driving, the Lo-Pro Fires have excellent “touch screen” sensitivity.

It is not our habit to carry out comparative tests because very often the products we receive, despite belonging to the same product categories, present differences that are difficult to compare with each other. There are very few exceptions, and this article is a shining example. California Sports, Fox Racing’s national distributor, sent us two very similar pairs of gloves to test, the Defend Pro Fire and the Defend Lo-Pro Fire, both suitable for MTB practice when temperatures drop without reaching the rigors of winter. Which to choose between the two?

Defend Pro Fire
• Materials: 66% polyester, 23% polyamide, 6% neoprene, 5% elastane
• Waterproof AX Suede™ and fleece palm, water-repellent DWR exterior finish, 3-layer softshell interior fabric, long compression-molded cuffs, touch-screen compatible fabric thumb and index finger, non-slip silicone inserts on all fingers
• Colori: Black, Pewter, Black Camo
• Taglie: S, M, L, XL, 2XL
• Weight measured: 60 grams (size S)
• List price: €54.99
• Link to Defend Pro Fire glove product:
California Sports site – Fox Racing site

Defend Lo-Pro Fire
• Materials: 42% polyamide nylon, 28% polyester, 14% polyurethane, 9% neoprene, 5% elastane, 2% polyvinyl chloride
• Palm in Clarino™, water-repellent DWR external finish, external “ripstop” fabric and internal fleece lining on the back, compression molded cuffs with Velcro closure, fingers in touch screen compatible fabric, non-slip silicone inserts on the index finger and medium
• Colori: Black, Purple, Olive Green
• Taglie: S, M, L, XL, 2XL
• Weight measured: 58 grams (size S)
• List price: €49.99
• Link to Defend Lo-Pro Fire glove product:
California Sports site – Fox Racing site

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Our test

Defend Pro Fire
• Softer, the fabric is thinner and more deformable, ensuring better freedom of movement.
• Fleece interior throughout the glove. The back alternates with squares for better evaporation of sweat.
• Rather poor Touch Screen compatibility, only works with the top end of the thumb and forefinger, barely allowing you to answer a phone call or take a photo.
• Velcro-free cuff, longer and softer, much more practical.
• The seams are designed to avoid burdening the most sensitive areas, only two fabrics join at the fingertips, making movements and grip on the levers and handlebars very comfortable.
• Appreciable thermal comfort, but only when the thermometer remains above +5°C. Their waterproofness is good.

Defend Lo-Pro Fire
• More rigid, they limit the movements of the fingers, making it difficult to grip the handlebars with the little finger.
• Fleece interior only on the back, basically the minimum wage.
• Very good Touch Screen compatibility, there is decent sensitivity on the screen with all fingers of the glove.
• Shorter and stiffer cuff, with Velcro, not excessively protective.
• Near the fingertips there is a rather thick seam that assembles three different fabrics, thus decreasing the comfort of movement and grip.
• Thermal comfort and waterproofness completely similar to Defend Pro Fire.

Article and photos by Federica Amelio

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