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Franck Muller Collaborates with #FR2 for Unique Mid-Autumn Festival Watch Collection

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Franck Muller Collaborates with #FR2 for Unique Mid-Autumn Festival Watch Collection

Franck Muller Collaborates with #FR2 for Mid-Autumn Festival Watch Collection

During festive seasons, watch manufacturers often release holiday-themed timepieces to celebrate the occasion and offer them as gifts to loved ones. These watches not only hold significance for the festival but also represent the inheritance of cultural traditions and embody profound meanings and charming characteristics.

With the Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, Franck Muller, a renowned Swiss brand known for its barrel-shaped watch cases, has partnered with the popular Tokyo streetwear brand #FR2 for the first time. The collaboration takes inspiration from the Jade Rabbit, a traditional symbol of the festival. This unexpected partnership introduces the use of brand-new materials and is exclusively available in the Asia-Pacific region, making it a truly unique offering.

In ancient times, humans have had mythical associations with the moon, and in Chinese folklore, it is believed that the moon is inhabited by jade rabbits. It comes as no surprise that Jade Rabbit serves as the iconic symbol and source of inspiration for the Mid-Autumn Festival. #FR2, also known as Fxxking Rabbits, features a rabbit logo as its signature. The brand is known for its bold and eclectic style, offering a range of fashion clothing, homewares, and even works of art. The collaboration between the two brands, showcased in the #FR2NCK MULLER Vanguard timepiece, creatively merges their distinctive characteristics. This unexpected combination reveals how Swiss high-end watchmaking and Japanese street fashion can seamlessly blend together.

The #FR2NCK MULLER Vanguard timepiece features the Vanguard design, with a matte white as the primary color complemented by black hands and large numbers for added visibility. The #FR2 rabbit logo is positioned at 7 o’clock, while the rabbit’s red eyes stand out against the black and white dial. The use of Super-Luminova coated square hollow hands and rabbit patterns allows the watch to emit light in dark environments, perfectly capturing the ambiance of the Mid-Autumn Moonlight Night.

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This collaboration not only celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival but also anticipates new styles for the upcoming autumn and winter seasons. Franck Muller has always focused on fashion and exquisite technology, offering intricate designs and highly recognizable elements that allow watches to express personal taste. The attention to craftsmanship distinguishes Franck Muller in the high-end watch industry, producing rare and precious timepieces that leave a lasting impression. Unlike the traditional focus on nobility and elegance, Franck Muller’s bold and daring designs cater to individuals with different personalities, ensuring a people-centric approach.

One of the highlights of this new collaboration is the use of a new carbon fiberglass material for the barrel-shaped Vanguard watch case, a first for the brand. The material is created by combining carbon powder, glass fiber, and polymer resin, which is then subjected to three hours of high temperature at 150 degrees Celsius and 200 metric tons of high-pressure processing. The result is an incredibly lightweight yet robust material. What sets each product apart is the random stacking of different material fibers during the production process, giving each watch case a unique texture. To further align with the street fashion style of #FR2, a white nylon strap adorned with black fonts has been selected, enhancing the overall youthful, energetic, and distinctive aesthetic. There is no contradiction in pairing a high-end watch with high street fashion.

The new collection is limited to 800 pieces and exclusively available in the Asia-Pacific region. The new carbon fiberglass material will only be used in specific styles within this region, adding an extra level of exclusivity.

The Franck Muller and #FR2 collaboration for the Mid-Autumn Festival watch collection surpasses expectations and showcases the harmony between Swiss watchmaking and Japanese street fashion. The timepieces not only pay homage to the festival but also offer an opportunity for watch enthusiasts to embrace new and unique styles. With its bold and innovative designs, Franck Muller continues to push the boundaries of high-end watchmaking, setting new trends in the industry.

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