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from 5G to Wi-Fi 7 in the car…

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from 5G to Wi-Fi 7 in the car…

Qualcomm announced today several new features in view of Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024 which is about to start in Barcelona: from the evolution of 5G Advanced to previews of 6G technology, passing through Wi-Fi in the automotive sector and more. And this is just the beginning, with the company promising new announcements once the fair opens in Catalonia.

Qualcomm is preparing for MWC 2024: from 5G to Wi-Fi 7 in the car

In Barcelona (in Hall 3 at stand 3E10, to be exact), Qualcomm promises to explore new frontiers of connectivity. Technology Giga-MIMO by Qualcomm is the answer to the growing demand for capacity in the era of 6G — which is approaching. Focusing on the upper mid band, with particular attention to the d rangea 7 a 16 GHz, Qualcomm is working with regulators and leaders in the wireless ecosystem. New this year is the Giga-MIMO antenna prototype, designed to operate in the 13 GHz band, which we will be able to see at the MWC in Barcelona.

L’mmWave it is a key component for the future of integrated communications. And Qualcomm recently unveiled a 5G mmWave test network in San Diego. This network implements hybrid beamforming improves multi-user MIMO performance and device mobility. Technology supports the 5G Standalone (SA) and introduces innovative infrastructure options for more efficient mmWave deployment.

From artificial intelligence to digital twins

Generative AI is coming to the cloud, the edge and into devices. A technology that works better when connected, but which also serves to improve connections. Qualcomm, in collaboration with Nokia Bell Labs, uses artificial intelligence to manage multiple network providers. The demonstrations show how theSequential learning could enable a multi-vendor wireless AI system.

Qualcomm also presented a new application of the concept digital twin to wireless networks. Building a digital twin that faithfully represents the physical radio access network offers significant advantages in terms of design, operation, integration and maintenance. The real-time, over-the-air testbed demonstrates how high-fidelity modeling of physical spaces and network dynamics can improve user experiences, introducing advanced features such as predictive mobility and advanced positioning.

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Another interesting application of the technology that Qualcomm will present at MWC 2024 is the seamless AR experience. In collaboration with Hololight ed Ericsson, Qualcomm demonstrates how computing can move from cloud to devices seamlesslyensuring rich AR experiences.

Additionally, it is working on practical implementations of point-to-multipoint communications in the 140 GHz band and dynamically reconfigurable point-to-point wireless links. And also on crosslink interference mitigation, link adaptation to improve spectral efficiency, and robust super-QAM design for network energy efficiency.

The news on 5G announced by Qualcomm in view of MWC 2024

5G is now here. With over 1.5 billion 5G connections worldwide, the focus now shifts to new devices, use cases and industries. Like integration into automotive experiences. Qualcomm is expanding its cloud platform to support more road users by demonstrating automotive safety scenarios in various contexts.

Another interesting application concerns the 5G Non-Terrestrial Network (NTN), for ubiquitous and reliable connectivity. Qualcomm demonstrates the first over-the-air call with emulated satellites and prototype devices, in collaboration with Ericsson and Keysight. And together with Rohde & Schwarz and global broadcasters, it highlights the crucial role of 5G broadcast for the media of tomorrow.

Wi-Fi 7 in the car

Speaking of cars, there’s some great news. Today, Qualcomm presents its latest automotive innovation: the QCA6797AQ, the first automotive-grade Wi-Fi 7 Access Point. Wi-Fi 7 is designed to meet the growing demand for advanced experiences and applications in vehicles, such as systems advanced infotainment and augmented reality dashboards.

Wi-Fi 7 introduces several key technologies, including High Band simultanea, multi-link multi-radio, banda da 320 MHz, Quadrature Amplitude Modulation a 4k, e Adaptive Puncturing. These features significantly improve connection reliability, reduce interference and offer greater capacity and data transmission speed.

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With Wi-Fi 7, vehicles can support more immersive experiences, like streaming movies and games, with more reliable connections and faster speeds.

Qualcomm announcements for MWC 2024: the importance of Open vRAN for 5G

Another big news concerns Open vRAN, which is expanding 5G around the world. THE Arm-compatible processors by Qualcomm, integrated into server Open vRAN and in small cell 5Gcon CPU Qualcomm Oryon they acceleratori hardware NPU/GPUincrease performance using AI.

The intelligent solutions for the infrastructure 5G represent an epochal change. And i Qualcomm processors optimize workload processing AI e RAN in the server vRAN. The collaboration with Qualcomm X100 5G RAN accelerator card maximize the performance per watt and optimize i costs of implementations Open vRAN.

The new piattaforma 5G RAN Qualcomm FSM100equipped with the processore Qualcomm Infrastructure Processor QIP100promises an optimal balance between performance, capacity, power, costs e dimensions. The concrete implementations with Viettel have already brought the first results. And al Mobile World Congress in Barcelona there will be announcements from customers like Fujitsucon O-RAN compliant Massive MIMO 64TRX radio unit.

Qualcomm 5G Fixed Wireless Access Ultra Gen 3

Finally, another piece of news on the implementation of 5G. A year ago, Qualcomm introduced the piattaforma Qualcomm 5G Fixed Wireless Access Platform Gen 3the first in the world to be fully integrated and 5G advanced-ready. Based on modem-RF Snapdragon X75 5Ghas improved 5G connections.

Today, it arrives piattaforma Qualcomm 5G Fixed Wireless Access Ultra Gen 3which aims to increase operators’ ability to distribute TIMES 5G mmWave overall, offering performance comparable to Gen 3 but with lower power consumption, footprint and cost.

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At the heart of this platform is an antenna module Qualcomm QTM567 mmWave and built-in AI capabilities. This will reduce power consumption by 50% compared to the previous generation of mmWave FWA products.

You can find all these solutions on the Qualcomm website.

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