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From books to the Science Festival, Cosmos calls the South

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From books to the Science Festival, Cosmos calls the South

The “Cosmos” award becomes a Festival and goes to the streets and squares: before it was an initiative that chose the best scientific popularization books, now it also becomes an event, from 29 September to 2 October in Reggio Calabria and in the towns of the area subway. The push comes from Gianfranco Bertone, professor of Astroparticle Physics at the University of Amsterdam, who involved scholars and researchers in the scientific committee such as Lucia Votano, Amedeo Balbi, Marilù Chiofalo, Andrea Ferrarafocusing on a message of knowledge facing South.


“There is a need to know – Bertone argues – today there is a thesis on the web and its opposite: for example, on the climate or vaccines, citizens can look for the thesis that suits them most. And instead there is a need for hear the truth about phenomena from those who study them. We will bring to Reggio historians of science such as Jimena Canales, who comes from Harvard, scientists and popularizers such as Guido Tonelli“.

It will be a Festival inside the city, the soil is fertile given the multi-year activity of the Planetarium, directed by Angela Misianoa teacher who has trained generations of students and who brings each year to the top positions of Astronomy Olympics the boys from Reggio. “I thought of the years of my training – continues Bertone – of the hunger to know we had. In this phase, the south can be an attraction for large scientific and cultural investments”.

Here then is the program, with the support of the Metropolitan City: three squares for laboratories, information gazebos throughout the city dedicated to schools and visitors: via Marina, the “Cilea” theater and the Castle to frame the events, with forays into places rich in history such as Locri, Scilla and Careri. The cosmologist Roberto Trotta will bring on stage under the Aragonese walls the show “Libra” in defense of the night sky, against the deregulation of the satellites.

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The Festival crosses the fiftieth anniversary of the discovery of the Riace’s bronzes: there is a lot of science there too, there is the history of the recovery, restoration and study of the data of the two magnificent, unique statues that welcome visitors to the Reggio Calabria Museum. And above all, there is a thread of knowledge that goes from Magna Graecia to today’s science. Not by chance Pierluigi Veltriwill talk about Aristotle and Einstein, Roberto Buonanno of the astronomy of that ancient time. Oscar-winning grand finale with the maestro Nicola Piovani, with his show “Music is dangerous”. But the program is waiting to be discovered.

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