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From Del Piero and Vialli to Meloni and Modi: 2023 for Italians on social networks

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From Del Piero and Vialli to Meloni and Modi: 2023 for Italians on social networks

There’s a photo of the Prime Minister Meloni together with his Indian counterpart Narendra Modiwhich has collected over 1.8 million likes on Instagram, but there is also the one with which Alessandro Del Piero greeted Gianluca Vialli at the beginning of January or the post shared by Italia’s got Talent with Khaby Lame as the protagonist, in 2023 of Italians on social networks.

The latter is, among other things, the content we appreciated most in the year that is about to end according to an analysis by DeRev, a company that deals with digital strategy and communication (in July they told us how much influencers earn): published on Instagram last September 10, it shows the popular TikToker in action on the stage of the broadcast and has received almost 4 million likes.

The research Influencers beyond Chiara Ferragni: who they follow and what Italians are looking for on social media by Emanuele Capone 16 October 2023

Is Meloni’s a real record?

Before delving into the rankings, we asked DeRev for clarification on the shot posted last December 2 by the prime minister Italian: is it really a record? They responded to us like this: “If we analyze the current political leaders, i.e. Meloni, Salvini, Calenda, Renzi, Tajani, Conte and Schlein, then the prime minister’s post is a record in Italy in terms of interactions”, with over 1.8 millions of contacts and above all one growth of over 150 thousand followers on Instagram in just 5 days, from 2.16 to 2.31 million.

And yet, “it is necessary to point out that they are a very large part interactions and new followers from India and not from Italy, with an estimate of at least 70% Indians”. Meloni’s post actually surpassed the one with which Giuseppe Conte bid farewell to the government on Facebook, which totaled around 1.8 million interactions (but “almost all by Italians”) and is therefore “a record in absolute terms in the context of politics”, but “it is not if we want to refer only to the Italian public”.

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The topics most loved by Italians in 2023 on social media

Beyond this, DeRev’s analysis also took into consideration the contents published or shared by Italians on social media during the year to understand which ones engaged them the most: in first place is the Milanwith over 14 million interactions, then the Festival of Sanremo (11 million interactions), followed by Giorgia Meloni (8 million interactions), from Juventus (7 million) and by Inter (6 million).

Again: stainless Chiara Ferragni was the sixth topic of online conversation (4 million interactions) and Fedez the ninth (3.6 million interactions), with the couple divided by Elly Schlein (3.6 million) e Silvio Berlusconi (3.64 million interactions); the other current topics are even further, with 3.4 million interactions for migrants and 3.1 million for Matteo Messina Denaro.

Facebook, what Italians saw in 2023

As mentioned, on the oldest (but still widely used) social network, the most clicked post was that of Del Piero’s farewell to Vialli, with over 664 thousand interactions. In general, what emerges from the data is that Italians still greatly appreciate particularly emotional content and personal life stories. In second and ninth position there is the food blogger Benedetta Rossi but with posts that have nothing to do with cooking: a long rant against haters (454,628 interactions) and his 51st birthday (358,711 interactions).

Scrolling through the subsequent positions, here is a selfie of Giulio Goliath in front of a mural portraying Nadia Toffa (440,423 interactions) and 3 posts by the singer Mr. Rain, all coming from the Sanremo week (in fourth, seventh and eighth position respectively); I’m in the middle Gianni Morandi with the now famous portrait of him with the broom at the Ariston, while sweeping away the rubble produced by Blanco’s fury (415,048 interactions), and Except Sottile who posted a video from 1990 in which Edoardo Bennato and Gianna Nannini sang Magic Nights (390,352 interactions).

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Closing the top 10 of the blue social network in Italy is at page Campania to experience with a video showing the traditional water festival in Campagna, in the province of Salerno (330,897 interactions).

Instagram, what Italians saw in 2023

On the famous photo platform headed by Meta, 2023 tells something in some way the fall of the Ferragnez. Which isn’t exactly a fall, given that they are present 6 times in the Top Ten (with 3 posts each) but only starting from fifth position.

In front of them is the aforementioned video of Italia’s got Talent with Khaby Lame, then Vogue Italia with the presentation of a jewelery collection of Bulgari (2.89 million interactions) and then again Juventus with Chiesa and then with Kean.

Then the Ferragnez arrive: the first one is obviously Chiara with farewell to the dog Matilda (2.36 million interactions) and twice with the Sanremo clothes, followed by the husband with the return home after the last hospitalization (2.1 million interactions), with a photo of the children and with his mental health message (1.87 million interactions), among the very few contents that launch a social message to enter the popular post rankings.

Social phenomena “With crumbs or without?”: TikTok and the incredible story of the butcher Donato De Caprio by Francesco Marino 03 August 2022

TikTok topics and that strange Twitter hashtag

Finally, the other two social networks widely used in our country: TikTok and Twitter (which since April it is called X by Elon Musk’s decision). On the first, DeRev explained to us, it is difficult to have precise rankings like those obtained for Facebook and Instagram, because “it does not allow analysis of the year but only of the last 30 days” and it is also complex distinguish organic posts from sponsored ones.

To work around the problem, we got help from TikTok Italia: they told us that among the topics most loved by Italian men and women in 2023 were Alberto Angela, the songs of Mina and Céline Dion and the ballets of Tube Girl (which we wrote about recently). To little surprise, the characters that worked best were New Martina (who we interviewed)Donato De Caprio, who was good at relaunching himself by moving from Naples to Milan, the dancers and choreographers Joey Di Stefano and Rina Diliberto and the very young and millionaire businesswoman Martina Strazzer (center in the photo at the top of the page).

As for the hashtaguseful keywords for searching for specific topics or trends, #BookTok continues to go very strong on TikTok, even added by Treccani among the neologisms (200 billion views for the international hashtag, 3 billion for #BookTokItalia, +100% on 2022), while the Twitter ranking is dominated by an objectively curious topic. On the X social network there were over 7 million tweets about #Binance and cryptocurrencies, in the very year in which cryptocurrencies showed some cracks and raised more than one doubt. Not only that: there was a lot of talk about the Apple conference he attended presented the augmented reality viewer (the hashtag is #WWDC23 and has totaled 5.2 million posts) and also of the Oscar awards ceremony (#Oscars, 3.2 million posts).

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In Italy, the most followed event on the platform was obviously Sanremo (808 thousand posts)while the most stable hashtags from a temporal point of view were all linked to television or radio broadcasts, due to the periodicity that favors their permanence in trend, such as (just to name a few) #ilunatici, #lineanotte, #amici, # menandwomen, #ottoemezzo, #quartogrado, #chilhavisto and so on.


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