Home Technology From the non-possessory pledge liquidity of 7.7 billion for companies

From the non-possessory pledge liquidity of 7.7 billion for companies

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From the non-possessory pledge liquidity of 7.7 billion for companies

It is a revolution for the Italian industrial and manufacturing sector, which makes it possible to free up new resources in a moment of great uncertainty, allowing companies to attract investments for the disinvestment or financing of their warehouse. According to estimates made by [email protected] Capital, a fintech active in the dell‘inventory monetisationthe potential of inventories that could be monetized in Italy is worth 7.7 billion euros.

The calculation was made on the basis of all the Italian companies that comply with the criteria of the MEF decree n.114 of 25 May 2021 and which therefore can access the non-possessory pledge: access to companies in the manufacturing and industrial sector is conditional at the closure of the last three positive balance sheets, recording positive revenues deriving from the business activity. Of those considered, those having the necessary type and rotation of the warehouse were evaluated, since it is, for example, of fundamental importance that the warehouse rotates at least once a year to free up liquidity for the company.

Even the inventory monetization sector is facilitated by innovative solutions that are able to exploit the advantages of the blockchain in the field supply chainto quickly and easily enable the monitoring of the production chain, the origin and quality of the goods, the constant updating of the consistency and value of the warehouses.

From a technological point of view, [email protected], listed on the London Stock Exchange, introduced the “inventory monetisation”, allowing companies to sell their warehouse to companies of inventory trading which, precisely through the non-possessory pledge, can be financed more easily by banks or investment funds and, consequently, make new liquidity available to companies to improve their working capital.

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