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Fun multiplayer collection available at a bargain price

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Fun multiplayer collection available at a bargain price

At Humble Bundle you can once again secure an attractive game package. This time the focus is on fun multiplayer titles.

Do you feel like having a game night with friends again, but you’re still missing the right games? Then the current offer at Humble Bundle could be just right for you. You can secure up to seven great multiplayer games there at an absolutely top price.

As always, you can decide for yourself how much you want to pay for the Humble Bundle. Depending on the purchase price, different packages are activated. The smallest package is available for an amount of at least 2.84 euros. The full program with a total value of over 98.88 euros costs at least 9.48 euros. In the following section we have compiled the content of the different levels for you.

Level 1 (from €2.84):

Stick Fight: The Game


Level 2 (from €5.69):

Everything from Level 1 Boomerang Fu Ultimate Chicken Horse

Level 3 (from €9.48):

Everything from Level 2 KeyWe Heavenly Bodies PlateUp!

The games are released in the form of Steam keys. If you want, you can of course pay even more money. Part of the proceeds will again go to charitable organizations. This time will International Medical Corps and that Internetional Rescue Committee supports. Further information about the organizations can be found on the official website. At the moment, more than 25,000 euros have already been collected. The promotion runs until October 28, 2023.

Quelle: Humble Bundle

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