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Gaia-X, Aruba will support EU Cloud standards compliance

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Gaia-X, Aruba will support EU Cloud standards compliance

A milestone on the path to acloud offer based on European standards of transparency, openness, data protection and security: after its entry as “Day-1 Memberin Gaia-X, Aruba continues to actively support and contribute to the project for the cloud europeo born to develop an infrastructure for managing, accessing and sharing data based on security and respect for privacy.

Specifically, Aruba, the main Italian cloud provider and first company in Italy for data center, cloud, hosting, trust services, e-mail, PEC and domain registration services, enters the Gaia-X Digital Clearing Housethe network of executive nodes that evaluate compliance of companies intending to become compliant with Gaia-X standards. Together with the German multinational T-Systemsso, Aruba will be one of the two European nodes of Gaia-Xto support companies in compliance with the services of the federated cloud.

The Gaia-X project for the European cloud

The announcement, in particular, came from Market-X Conference & Expo held in Vienna between 14 and 15 March 2023, the networking event organized by Gaia-X to involve its community and to understand the standards of the Association.

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Gaia-X was born with the intention of creating a interoperable and secure cloud, based on compliance with European standards to have a free and transparent flow of data, avoid the risk of lock-in for companies and at the same time, encourage the broadest participation and competition between cloud solution providers. All through a certification system, at the level of compliancewhich guarantees the exercise of the right and data protection.

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The project, in the realization of which he participated, among others European provider involved, too Noovlesociety of TIM Enterpriseis open to all countries interested in contributing to its growth by joining as members, with the aim of providing local companies with a cloud with safety standards secured by European institutional system.

Aruba: a direct gateway to the federated digital ecosystem

The novelty presented today by the Gaia-X Digital Clearing House represents the necessary piece for operationalize Gaia-X on the market. It is an external structure composed of nodes distributed throughout the territory and decentralized who can support companies interested in benefiting from this federated digital ecosystemhelping them achieve compliance with the Association.

“Becoming one of the nodes of Gaia-X represents a fundamental step for us – he commented Fabrizio Garrone, Enterprise Solution Director of Aruba – This is an additional essential step within the process that will allow us to support the execution of compliance services. Distributed and decentralized nodes, not managed directly by the Association, will become a point of reference for achieving compliance with the Gaia-X standards. And as a result, our role will enable us to offer Aruba customers a direct gateway to the Association.”

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