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[Game Trial]Modern Warfare II 2022 Multiplayer Game Public Beta Test Process Changed- ezone.hk – Game Anime- E-Sports Game

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[Game Trial]Modern Warfare II 2022 Multiplayer Game Public Beta Test Process Changed- ezone.hk – Game Anime- E-Sports Game

“Decisive Moment: Modern Warfare II 2022” will be launched on October 28, and a limited-time multiplayer public beta has been launched recently. The game system and feel process have changed quite a bit, that is, the analysis of the text.

“Modern War II 2022” has launched a multiplayer beta test. The game has undergone major changes in this episode. In terms of basic actions, the existing tactical sprints and guns in the last episode of Modern Warfare will be retained, and a new dive action will be added to quickly and tactically. Lying down, able to dive from building windows, etc., or quickly get into cover to avoid enemy attacks. Also available for edge suspension and swimming (depending on the map). If you are in a vehicle, you will also be able to stick out the window (and shoot, both for the driver and passenger), climb over to the roof, etc. Overall movement feels slightly slower.

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In addition to the general team deathmatch and point capture, the public beta multiplayer mode also has new modes with a maximum of 40 players, “Invasion”, “Third-person view of the melee”, “Search and Destroy”, “Rescue the Prisoners” and “Strike”. “Invasion” will mix and match real players and NPC teammates and enemies. It has a sense of war, but the map is different. “Search and Destroy” is the traditional way of CS to put bombs.

The mechanism of “Third-person perspective melee” is currently not very good. Although it is usually behind the player, but raising the gun will change back to the first point of view. It feels very inconsistent, and it seems that it wants to do some war movies. It feels like a sports camera, but you have to adjust it when you play. “Rescue the prisoners” and “Strike” pay more attention to the teammates’ communication strategy and the concept of “saving life before output”. It is not unpleasant, but for most fans, fast games are the daily life of the battlefield. Another player expects that “Modern Battlefield 2.0” is not in this public beta.

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The basic weapons, gunsmiths and specialties, have been changed. In this episode, the platform branch design is used instead of pure type. The rifles are also divided into two categories: assault and battle rifles. The guns need to be used to a certain level to unlock the receiver. Parts can only be obtained. The advantage is that players can have more opportunities to familiarize themselves with the performance, and the receiver is the new selling point of this gunsmith. It affects the performance of the weapon more than the ammunition and the barrel. The specialties of this episode have also been changed. Players can choose 2 basic, and 2 additional and ultimate specialties obtained in battle. The kill streak reward can be calculated by killing kills or points.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II 2022 is scheduled to launch on October 28, and supports platforms including: Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC Windows.

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