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[Game Trial]The DioField breaking latest news A beautiful strategy simulation- ezone.hk – Game Anime- E-Sports Game

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[Game Trial]The DioField breaking latest news A beautiful strategy simulation- ezone.hk – Game Anime- E-Sports Game

“The DioField breaking latest news” is a new RPG from SQUARE-ENIX. It adds real-time combat elements, and the screen looks beautiful. It uses the popular UE engine, but it is not very prominent in actual play.

SQUARE-ENIX’s RPGs all give players a good impression, but occasionally there are some works that are not well received. It’s a pity that this time, “The DioField breaking latest news” is a relatively eclipsed work. It doesn’t feel like the standard that the manufacturer should have always played, maybe it’s just better than the mobile game. The game uses an overhead war and turbulent times as the background, all of which are national rivalries, grievances, etc. If the script is well written, players will receive the goods, but the screenwriting and performance of the work are not very good, too many details are narrated and meaningless. The animation explained, even if the protagonists’ vertical paintings are in style, and the detailed 3D modeling is wasted, it is difficult to attract people, but the dubbing is fine.

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In terms of gameplay, the game belongs to a strategy simulation RPG, and the levels are basically in the form of real-time war chess, rather than the kind of “Empire of the Century” that everyone imagines. There is no fog of war and production factors, just control multiple arms to destroy the enemy or occupy points, protect the target and so on. Because it is a real-time battle, the skills of each unit need CD to be reused. Players should use it at the right time, and pay attention to the coverage of enemy types, positions and range skills. The game also takes into account the habits of console players. It is convenient to use the hand to click on the character to operate, and the game time will be paused in the command menu to allow players to think about strategies. However, the classification of combat units in the game is relatively simple, and there is a limit to the number of combat units. There are also some more gorgeous full-court skills, such as summoning monsters to attack or replenishing blood. In the stronghold, players can upgrade character skills, weapons, etc., and complete side quests to obtain more resources and skill points to use, and to understand some backgrounds of the characters.

The game is made using the “Unreal Engine” engine, and it has excellent effects on PS5. 4K image quality/efficiency priority modes can be selected. The characters and other details are very high. Compared with the turn-based combat, the battle is more lively, but it feels like a level to play. It’s a pity that the design is ordinary.

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Genre: Strategy Simulation RPG
平台:PS5/PS4/Nintendo Switch/Xbox One/Xbox Series X|S/Steam
Price: HK$479
Subtitle language: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, English

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