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Gemini and the future of loneliness

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Gemini and the future of loneliness

It’s there on the internet a 6 minute video which left me speechless to reflect on our future, on how we will live in a few years: it is the demonstration of Gemini, the new, very powerful generative artificial intelligence with which Google intends to recover the disadvantage accumulated this year by ChatGPT.

In the video you can see a table on which two hands act and make drawings or they perform actions that Gemini must recognize. And then you see a line, which then becomes a duck, which then swims in the sea, the duck is colored blue, Gemini’s synthetic voice points out that it is a rare color for a duck, although a species exists; a blue rubber duck appears, Gemini says with irony that then a blue duck must not be so rare; is asked if it can fly, Gemini says that it is probably made of rubber and therefore not, but it can float because if you squeeze it it makes a noise and therefore it is full of air.

Then Gemini corrects the position of the Earth and Saturn with respect to the Sun, invents a game with a geographical map, recognizes on the fly the game Fist, paper, scissors, guesses under which glass an object is hidden, does not guess which hand holds a coin but then quickly explains the trick with which it was moved; she advises the best route to take at a crossroads to avoid running into a bear, what to do with two balls of wool of different colors showing the final result (i.e. “a rabbit with a pink nose”); she explains which car will be faster because it is more aerodynamic, and which roller coaster will be more fun, imagining what people will say at the most dangerous point. He makes a mistake when he sees a cat jump on a wardrobe: “He will do it easily”, He says. And when the cat ends up on the ground, he comments that “he miscalculated the distance but it’s not a problem, because cats are natural athletes”.

The video ends here, where our questions begin: the video is authentic or retouched like an advertisement? If it is, it means that the day is closer when we will actually talk to our computers like in the movie Her? On that day, will artificial intelligence be like a friend who has all the right answers? Above all: will it help us fight loneliness? How many elders will talk to Gemini?

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