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Get to know dinosaurs, plant crops, dinosaur ranch game “Paleo Pines” is scheduled to land on Steam – Hong Kong Mobile Game Network GameApps.hk

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Get to know dinosaurs, plant crops, dinosaur ranch game “Paleo Pines” is scheduled to land on Steam – Hong Kong Mobile Game Network GameApps.hk

Paleo Pines is a game set on a fascinating island known for its friendly dinosaurs, eccentric islanders and mysterious history. The biological evolution route here is different, creating a world where humans and dinosaurs live in harmony!

Set out with your companion Lucky to unravel the mysteries behind the island and meet new dinosaurs. Then ask them to help you restore pastures and grow crops to build your own cozy dinosaur sanctuary!

Embark on your dinosaur discovery journey

You witness the entire hatching process of your dinosaur friend Lucky, and join her on an action-packed adventure. Is she the last dinosaur? The other Parasaurolophus are missing, and it’s up to you and Lucky to find out what happened to them. Explore the charming island of Paleo Pines, filled with friendly people and full of hidden corners to discover. Here you will build a new home, meet friends, and unravel the island’s lost history. Get ready for an exhilarating voyage of discovery around the island with your trusty steed Lucky!

Create a cozy dinosaur sanctuary

You can build your base camp while exploring Parasaurolophus on the island. You can express your individuality and creativity by building Paleo Pines; build each unique ranch! It’s your choice to build square pens or not (although the locals may have something to say about that!). Use decorations to create a romantic garden, give your ranch a cozy woodland vibe, or fill rows of fields with hard-working farmers. In addition, you can use various functions to customize your character, design colorful outfits with different items found in each area, and change your look with the clothes in the wardrobe!

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Discover and meet dinosaurs

Paleo Pines is a dinosaur lover’s dream island! A group of playful dinosaurs are roaming the wild, waiting for you to meet, and they will be a good helper on your ranch. You can use your flute to imitate their calls to attract them, then treat them with delicious food and trusty close contact! You can gain their trust by building a comfortable pen and knowing how to keep them happy. Dinosaurs migrated and some species were rare or only appeared under special conditions, so you’ll discover new ones as you explore the island. As the ranch grows, you’ll soon be providing a safe dinosaur haven for all your new friends. By looking at the dinosaur diaries, you can learn about the various creatures that lived on the island.

Master the way of stocking dinosaurs

Farm to your heart’s content and cultivate a variety of crops year-round with your dinosaur best friend! Start by planting and watering the seeds yourself. If you gain the trust of your new friends, they will help you achieve a good harvest, and you can trade with the local residents at that time. As the ranch develops, you’ll learn that each dinosaur has a special farming skill that will help you on your quest. With a little bit of love and attention to detail, you can grow the highest quality produce throughout the Paleo Pines. You and your dinosaur ranch help will soon be the talk of the market!

Explore stunning landscapes

Whether it’s the flowery wilds of the Veridian Valley or the red canyons of Ariacotta, the Paleo Pines has plenty of natural beauty to explore. Make the most of each day and explore the lush natural beauty of the island, each with its own charms, collectibles and dinosaurs to discover. Take a leisurely stroll through the green meadows, searching for a variety of wild crops along the way, or hop on your trusty dinosaur mount and explore the island’s hidden corners. You can also stop and watch wild dinosaurs play and interact with your own eyes. There are endless things waiting for you to discover on the island, and there are countless dinosaurs waiting for you to get acquainted with!

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Meet a fascinating community

A group of quirky (and friendly!) inhabitants of the island can’t wait to meet you and help you on your quest. The grandmother may seem stubborn, but after a deeper understanding, you will find that she is just a knife mouth and a bean curd heart. Building friendships within the community is just as important as getting to know the various dinosaurs. As you ride dinosaurs, farm crops, and explore places, you’ll meet new characters, each with their own story, item, or question to share with you, and all with different lore and perceptions to communicate . By completing quests, opening up new areas, and visiting shops and community centers, you can help them out day and night. Who knows – they might even gift you something to spruce up your ranch!


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