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Gigabyte, lots of news on AI and 5G at MWC 2024…

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Gigabyte, lots of news on AI and 5G at MWC 2024…

GIGABYTE Technologya pioneer of IT for global industries through cloud and AI systems, presents innovative business IT solutions at MWC 2024. It showcased cutting-edge servers, green computing solutions and cutting-edge AI technologies, under the theme “The future of COMPUTING”. These advances usher in new possibilities for agile and sustainable IT strategies, enabling industries to leverage real-time intelligence across hyperconnected data centers, cloud, edge and devices, resulting in greater efficiency, affordability and competitive advantages, all driven by synergies between 5G and AI technologies.

News from Gigabyte at MWC 2024: the new G593-ZX1/ZX2 supercomputer

GIGABYTE presents G593-ZX1/ZX2, the AMD Instinct MI300X 8-GPU powered AI server, which is a new addition to GIGABYTE’s flagship AI/HPC server series. Other items on display include the high-density H223-V10 supporting the NVIDIA Grace Hopper superchip, the G383-R80 server supporting four AMD Instinct MI300A APUs, and a G593-series AI server featuring the powerful 8-GPU NVIDIA HGX H100.

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Gigabyte News at MWC 2024: Flexible Edge Platform for 5G and AI

At the booth, GIGABYTE presents a edge highly adaptable server, E263-S30, surrounded by a power supply and motherboard along with NICs and accelerators from AMD, Broadcom, Intel and NVIDIA. The E263-S30 exemplifies how GIGABYTE modular servers meet a wide range of IT scenarios by upgrading various hardware specifications within a unified chassis. Its flexibility proves instrumental in accelerating large-scale 5G network deployments while minimizing maintenance and upgrade costs.

One-stop solution for green IT upgrades

Excess heat dissipation from servers emerges as a notable contributor to energy waste. GIGABYTE addresses this challenge by introducing the A1P0-EB0, a large-scale 25U EIA immersion cooling tank, which exhibits exceptional server heat dissipation of up to 80 kW and a minimum PUE of 1.02. GIGABYTE also provides a wide range of immersion-ready servers, which support both Intel and AMD processors and cater to all types of workloads. They exemplify how the complete green computing solutions from GIGABYTE enable data centers to reduce energy consumption and achieve a more favorable total cost of ownership (TCO).

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