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Gmail now allows parcel tracking: how to use the new feature

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Gmail now allows parcel tracking: how to use the new feature

Announced on purpose just before the typical frenzy of Christmas shoppingthe new feature of Gmail was born in connection with this time of year and has the purpose of help those who buy a lot online to better track shipments and deliveries.

The idea is that of avoid the constant checking of the inboxafter buying something, to search for the confirmation email, find the tracking number, click, arrive on the courier’s website, enter the order number, click again and understand where our package is: the mail service Google electronics he should be able to do it all by himself. At least in the United States, because for now the new function is reserved only for that country. But it is certainly a spy of what will soon happen in our country as well.

As explained, and starting from the confirmation email, “for orders with tracking numbers, Gmail will display the delivery status in the foreground inside the Inbox and a summary card at the top of the individual emails (image at the top of the page, ed)“. As for the US, “parcel tracking will be available for most major carriers” and should also be useful for keeping an eye on important details, such as the expected delivery datehighlighting it if it is on the current or next day (with Today and Tomorrow), and also any delay.


The new Gmail arrives for everyone: how to activate the new graphics (and how to deactivate it if you don’t like it)

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by Emanuele Capone

How to activate the new function

From what we understand, the system works in a way similar to what allows Google to create events in Calendar reading within the emails on Gmail: as always, it is necessary to give up some of your privacy to be able to enjoy it.

The company clarified that it is possible to “activate the receipt of updates on parcel tracking directly from the mailbox or in the Settings” is that subsequently “Gmail will automatically search for the status of orders using the tracking numbers and will show them in the inbox ”. And also that, of course, the functionality can be “deactivated at any time via the Settings”.

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