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Google, Apple, Amazon & co. Here are the over the top ones that came under scrutiny

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Google, Apple, Amazon & co.  Here are the over the top ones that came under scrutiny

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The kings of the web do not claim to be “legibus soluti”, above the law. The warning comes from Colle while a grip seems to be tightening around the so-called over the top, the digital mega-platforms such as Google or Facebook. The President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, invited the Confindustria assembly to reject “pressures of unjustified hegemonies of the institutions in the management of the rules or, on the contrary, of entrepreneurial pseudo-absolutism, perhaps conveyed by the new giants”.

Il Digital market act

Colossi for whom something is changing. Alphabet (Google), Amazon, Apple, Meta (Facebook), Bytedance (Tiktok) and Microsoft have six months to adapt to the new rules set by the European Union to avoid abuses of dominant position before they occur. It is the Digital Market Act, with sanctions of up to 10% of global turnover or 20% for repeat offenders. Overseas, meanwhile, the largest antitrust trial of the last 25 years is underway, between the United States Treasury Department and Google, accused of abusing its monopoly on web search. And trouble is also on the way for Amazon, with the Federal Trade Commission preparing to file an action against it in the coming weeks.

Fiscal delegation towards parliamentary process

From competition to taxation, from the United States to the Old Continent, the wind seems to be changing also with regards to taxes, after the agreement at the OECD and the EU directive requiring multinationals to pay an effective tax of at least 15%. In Italy, this minimum rate – well above what digital platforms often pay – will be introduced by the first implementing decree of the tax delegation which is about to begin its parliamentary process.

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Bonomi: common EU and US rules are needed

The president of Confindustria, Carlo Bonomi, spoke on the topic, saying that it took over 15 years for the agreement on the Minimum global tax, and we cannot wait as long for a common regulatory approach to information algorithms. Europe and the United States would be making a “big mistake” by proceeding separately and “freedom of information and democracy” would be at stake. Strong words also came from the president of the Antitrust, Roberto Rustichelli: «The emergence of new powers with unprecedented appearances, such as the large digital platforms, – he declared at a conference – not only threatens the markets and the freedoms of individuals, but it touches the supporting structures of our democratic systems, interfering with their functioning.”

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