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Google Bard is dead, long live Gemini

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Google Bard is dead, long live Gemini

Google to Rebrand All Artificial Intelligence Tools Under New Name Gemini

To simplify all its artificial intelligence tools, Google will now use a single name: Gemini. This change marks a simplification of the different artificial intelligence tools of Google, merging them all under one brand. It is a decision similar to that made by other technology companies that have grouped all their applications under a single name, such as Microsoft’s Copilot.

The move is an attempt to simplify the complex reality of artificial intelligence applications and reinforce the perception that users are engaging with real “intelligence.” As the industry’s focus has turned toward multimodal applications that can provide responses in various formats, simplifying this entire process under a single brand makes sense.

One of Google’s key artificial intelligence tools, Bard, has transitioned to Gemini, a more advanced and multimodal language model. Similarly, Duet, an artificial intelligence designed to accompany Google’s productivity and creativity applications, will also be rebranded as Gemini.

The rebranding has also allowed Google to introduce different subscription levels to the tool. Gemini Ultra, formerly known as Bard, offers more precise and comprehensive answers using Google’s most advanced language model. This version will now be called Gemini Advance and will be associated with Google One Premium, a subscription service that also offers 2 TB of cloud storage and other benefits.

Google has also created a new app for Gemini on Android and is preparing a version for iOS. In the coming months, it will be integrated into Google’s suite of applications, such as Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Meet.

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The rebranding represents a significant shift in Google’s approach to artificial intelligence applications, as the tech giant looks to simplify and enhance its offerings under a single, powerful brand.

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