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Google breathes a sigh of relief: Samsung is backing down

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Google breathes a sigh of relief: Samsung is backing down

Google must have felt its heart sink when rumors surfaced that Samsung would be reorienting its Android smartphones. If the world‘s largest smartphone maker makes the switch, other companies could follow. Now there is the all-clear.

Samsung continues to rely on Google

Things haven’t really been running smoothly for Google in the last few months. First that shock by ChatGPT, which caused the company to declare a red alert, and then suddenly Samsung wanted to separate.

The consideration also had something to do with ChatGPT, because Samsung was considering a move to Microsoft. Not to suddenly install Windows on his smartphones, but to to replace the default search engine. Instead of Google, Bing should be activated there. Since many users do not change the default search engine, this would be a disaster for Google.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Samsung is said to have now settled these plans. It has to be have several reasons. First and foremost, Samsung probably fears the consequences of Google if such a break is carried out in the search engine. Samsung uses Android, many Google services and is also a supplier for Google products.

In addition, Samsung unsure how the market would react. This primarily means the customers who would then not search with Google but with Bing.

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Google can breathe easy

This is good news for Google. Both companies are very dependent on each other. Google pays Samsung billions of dollars to appear as a search engine on smartphones. As a result, Google in turn makes a lot of money from advertising. If Samsung had reoriented itself, it could have influenced other manufacturers as well. So this is an important decision for Google.

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