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Google CEO Sundar Pichai talks about the future of AI, challenges and job opportunities (193357)

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Google CEO Sundar Pichai talks about the future of AI, challenges and job opportunities (193357)

Google CEO Sundar Pichai revealed his views on the future of AI at Google I/O 2023, emphasizing that data privacy and risk issues should be resolved in a responsible and transparent manner, and expected that AI will create new job opportunities and become an important foundation for future technological development .

In the keynote speech of Google I/O 2023, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that Google has continued to invest in the development of search technology for the past 25 years. Access to resources. With access to artificial intelligence technology, Sundar Pichai believes that it will further change human life, and emphasizes that Google will use a more responsible and transparent approach to eliminate people’s hidden worries about artificial intelligence.

Now is the time for AI to drive more change

In the face-to-face interaction with the media, Sundar Pichai said that we are now at an exciting time point, because artificial intelligence will bring about greater changes, and Google will also take corresponding actions at this change node, and take a responsible attitude , A more transparent form promotes the popularization of artificial intelligence applications.

Just as when Google promoted search services in the early days, Google changed the way people use the Internet and created a life style of acquiring more knowledge from the Internet and using more convenient services. Sundar Pichai expects that with the continuous development and popularization of artificial intelligence, it will It will create more different interactive experiences, and it will also change the way people use data. Just like the emergence of smart phones, it will change the way people interact with wireless networks, and it will also give rise to many market opportunities.

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▲Google hopes to use artificial intelligence to help people create a better life

Artificial intelligence does have its risks, and it will be developed with a more responsible attitude and transparency

However, Sundar Pichai does not deny that the automatic generation of artificial intelligence does have its risks and hidden concerns. Therefore, Google’s approach will be more inclined to train with more accurate data from the model building stage, and the research team will confirm that the model can run smoothly. , it will be gradually applied to its service products, and at the same time, a check function will be added to the operation mechanism to avoid false situations in the operation process of artificial intelligence, resulting in deviation effects.

At the same time, Google will follow-up to correct possible errors at any time through various feedback mechanisms, and observe the actual needs of users through daily search usage, so as to adjust the application direction of artificial intelligence technology so that it can better meet the needs of users.

Regarding data privacy issues, Sundar Pichai explained that such issues will become complicated in many cases. For example, in order to build a more accurate artificial intelligence model, it is necessary to use a larger amount of effective data for training, but how to obtain effective data itself will be difficult. It is a difficult problem, and if it is not trained with a large amount of effective data, the calculation accuracy of the model behind the artificial intelligence may be reduced.

From Google’s standpoint, users’ data cannot be privately used as training, and it emphasizes that artificial intelligence technology will be developed in a more transparent manner. The development of normative requirements in the field also makes Google face greater challenges.

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However, the amount of data obtained within a reasonable range, combined with the current design of fine tuned models, James Manyika, Senior Vice President of Google Research, Technology and Society, explained that a good artificial intelligence can be established on a certain basis, and then Follow-up adjustments are made based on actual usage and needs, so that artificial intelligence can be more in line with real usage.

The next 25 years of Google’s development is expected to be based on artificial intelligence

Regarding the future development expectations of artificial intelligence, Sundar Pichai expects that artificial intelligence will become an important driving force behind many developments, and people will have more time to create new ideas, thereby accelerating technological development. In addition, through developer events such as Google I/O, Sundar Pichai also believes that technical resources such as Google will be connected with more services, and artificial intelligence will be brought to a higher level through thousands of companies. Multiple application scenarios allow everyone to change their lifestyles through artificial intelligence.

At the same time, Sundar Pichai also expects that the next 25 years of Google’s development will be based on artificial intelligence, and will continue to build future artificial intelligence technology in a responsible manner, so as to bring more technologies to the public.

As for whether artificial intelligence will affect or replace people’s job opportunities, or whether it is necessary to slow down the development of artificial intelligence in response to market views, Sundar Pichai said that the changes brought about by artificial intelligence will indeed affect some job opportunities, but also create new job development. Therefore, it is believed that under the premise of considering artificial intelligence as a boost, such technological innovation should be continuously promoted, and at the same time, it is not believed that the development of artificial intelligence should be slowed down.

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