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Google Grammar Check: Improve English

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Google Grammar Check: Improve English

Google now offers all sorts of useful tools. Now the Google grammar check helps to improve your English as well.

Google presented its new feature at Google Support Grammar Check before. With its help you can have the grammar of a single sentence checked if you are not sure whether it is correct. In addition, the check also checks whether you have spelled all the words correctly and corrects them automatically. Google uses an AI, which, as Google itself says, is not yet 100% accurate.

In our video we introduce you to the Android car from Google:

How to enable Google Grammar Checker

Unfortunately, to use the feature here in Germany, you need to activate a VPN that connects to a server in the US. This is necessary because the function has not yet been integrated into the German Google. So after you have a Connection to a VPN made, you can visit google.com. You may have to press the English button again so that Google really switches to English. Now you can english sentence enter in the search bar. In addition, you write “grammar check” at the end to activate the check.

Example of using the Google Grammar Checker

You can intentionally misspell your sentence to test the correction. We did this in our example:

This is what the grammar check looks like on Google (© Screenshot / Google)

Below the button “Feedback” you can Return message For improvement give. You can choose between (translated from English):

“That’s helpful.” “That’s not relevant.”
“The suggestion is incorrect.”
“The suggestion is offensive.”

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You can add a comment in the text box and then click on “Send”.

Google offers a lot of great features and Apps. Check out places you can only see on Google Maps here:

Limitations of Google’s grammar check

Currently the feature is however only in the English language available. Of course there are also rules. Nothing that violates Google’s search policies may be reviewed. This includes, but is not limited to, dangerous, hateful, and violent content.

You can test your knowledge of Google’s Android operating system with our quiz:

The Android Quiz: How much do you know about Google’s operating system?

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