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Google Hangouts is finally coming to an end – Engadget

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Google Hangouts is finally coming to an end – Engadget


As previously announced, the last web version of Google Hangouts that can still be used will also start directing users to Google Chat in November, which means that Hangouts has finally come to an end. Google began urging users to start moving to Chat last year, and ended the Hangouts app for Android and iOS in July. At present, the chat service under Google has become the independent Chat app and the Chat experience attached to Gmail.

Chat was originally Google’s commercial chat system, but then Google decided to focus on Chat and open it to everyone. Google believes Chat offers “newer and better ways to collaborate with people,” including co-editing Docs, Slides, or Sheets files within Chat. The integration of Chat into Gmail is also a big selling point, allowing you to connect with people without leaving the Gmail interface. However, the competition in the communication software industry is currently fierce. It is hard to say whether Chat can open a way out of the commercial field.

Google has previously said that you can use its export tool to export conversation logs and attachments from Hangouts. At present, Hangouts is still on the export tool, but because I don’t know how long it will exist, if there is a need, it is more appropriate to back up this data quickly.

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