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Google is said to be developing its own version of AirTag

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Google is said to be developing its own version of AirTag

A view of a sign above the entrance of the Google office, ahead of presentation of the detailed investment plan for Germany, in Berlin, Germany, August 31, 2021. REUTERS/Annegret Hilse – RC27GP9ECJIT

Seeing that Apple AirTag and Samsung SmartTag have joined in succession, together with Tile and other inherent brands to start the object locator market, Google finally thought of getting involved.According to the developer and well-known whistleblower Kuba Wojciechowski It is said that the Google Nest team is developing a product code-named Grogu, which is a positioning device with a built-in speaker and supports BLE and UWB. Not surprisingly, there will be an Android Fast Pair function, allowing Android phones to be paired quickly.

Today, Google Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 7 Pro both support UWB modules, which can provide precise direction instructions like iPhone and Galaxy phones, but Wojciechowski added that Google’s object-finding network will only use BLE to be enough for positioning, so as to allow More devices are available. On the other hand, Google seems to be working with chip manufacturers to allow more chips to support Fast Pair, so it can be expected that there will be more object locators of third-party brands. The specific launch time is unknown, but Wojciechowski said that this year’s Google I/O is quite a chance. After all, Google is a latecomer to the market, so we must speed up the pace.

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