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Google Maps has this secret to rotate a map and see the best route

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Google Maps has this secret to rotate a map and see the best route

Google Maps has a function that has been overlooked by many users and is the possibility of rotating the map to have more intuitive navigation adapted to real orientation needs.

This rotation feature is especially handy when exploring urban areas or following directions while driving, allowing the user to adjust the map display to align with their current perspective and direction. The adjustment not only makes it easier to identify landmarks and understand the direction of the roads, but also minimizes confusion behind the wheel, helping to anticipate curves and changes of direction more efficiently.

To rotate Google Maps on a mobile device, users must open the Google Maps application, select the area to which you want to apply this function, place two fingers on the screen, and rotate gently to adjust the orientation of the map as desired. Sliding the fingers inward will cause the map to zoom out, while sliding them outwards will zoom in on the map.

The desktop version of Google Maps also allows users to rotate their maps for a better view. In the desktop version accessible through web browsers, a similar effect can be achieved by using the satellite view and the globe view. Users can activate Globe and Satellite View in the Layers menu, and then rotate the map by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking anywhere on the map.

For those who want to use Google Maps in landscape mode, they can activate automatic rotation in the settings of their mobile device, or from the app itself by selecting the profile photo icon and then clicking on Settings and Navigation Settings.

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Additionally, the Google Maps app for iOS devices has a feature designed for users without a stable mobile data connection, which allows users to download offline maps for use on their iPhone or iPad. Users can do this by opening the Google Maps app, ensuring they are connected to the internet, searching for the desired place, and clicking on the “Download offline map” function.

Overall, the ability to rotate maps in Google Maps offers a more realistic and personalized perspective of the environment and can greatly enhance the navigation experience for users.

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