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Google Pixel 8 Pro: With a contract starting at 1 euro and a 20 percent tariff discount

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Google Pixel 8 Pro: With a contract starting at 1 euro and a 20 percent tariff discount

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The Google Pixel 8 Pro As a new flagship, it has not been on the market for long and is therefore expensive to purchase. If you still want the high-end smartphone, a bundle deal with a cell phone tariff is worth it. In this case, you don’t have to pay a large amount at once. Currently there is Vodafone such an offer: You can secure the Google Pixel 8 Pro there with the GigaMobil M mobile phone tariff for 79.99 euros per month.* There is also a symbolic euro for the device. There is no connection price, but double monthly data volume (50 gigabytes) and large internal storage (256 gigabytes). All important information about the bundle deal – here.

Google Pixel 8 Pro with Vodafone tariff from 1 euro

Vodafone offers the Google Pixel 8 Pro together with the GigaMobil M for 79.99 euros.* That may sound like a steep monthly fee at first. But the deal is still tough: because it is the large storage variant with 256 gigabytes. Also included is a 20 percent discount on the monthly tariff price and you only pay one symbolic euro for the device. In addition, you save the connection price and get a tariff with 50 gigabytes of data volume. Because the GigaMobil M is not limited to 25 gigabytes as usual. This means you can surf and stream for a long time even when you’re on the go. This makes the new Google smartphone even more fun!

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The bundle deal with GigaMobil M tariff and smartphone at a glance:

79.99 euros per month + 1.00 euros one-time 50 gigabytes of high-speed internet (4G, LTE and 5G network) No connection price 24-month contract term Telephone flat rate to all German networks and EU roaming SMS flat rate to all German mobile networks large internal storage space (256 gigabytes)

If you add up all the costs for the tariff and smartphone and deduct the price for the currently best offer on the internet for the Google smartphone, you get it effectively 42.70 euros per monthwhich is an acceptable price for the all-net flat rate with 50 gigabytes of data volume in the Vodafone network.

Buy Google Pixel 8 Pro without a contract

You don’t need a new cell phone contract and just want the smartphone? Then you’ll find the best offer on Ebay: There you can get the Google Pixel 8 Pro with 256 gigabytes of internal memory for 896.00 euros.* The average price in the last few months has been over 1,000.00 euros.

The right mobile phone tariff for the self-employed and small businesses: Vodafone Red Business Prime

Are you self-employed or have a small business? Even then, Vodafone has the right offer ready: On the Red Business Prime Tarife currently exists 15 percent discount and upon acceptance of at least two cards even 25 percent.* The whole thing applies to the monthly basic price without an additional smartphone payment.

Compared to mobile phone tariffs for private customers, Vodafone offers some additional advantages for business customers with Red Business Prime. For example, there is a premium business service with a 24/7 hotline and personal contact person for individual advice and questions. As a business customer, you also benefit from other advantages.

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