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Gran Turismo 7 on PS VR2

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Gran Turismo 7 on PS VR2

I’m not particularly a fan of Gran Turismo as a game series, especially not Gran Turismo 7, which I think is two steps back in every way from the surprisingly entertaining Gran Turismo Sport. Gran Turismo 7 feels too dated for my taste. It contains so much dawdling, I loathe that stuffy, dry old man’s cafe, unbelievable. Displaying cars and motorsports in a 19th century library as if they were sacred scriptures doesn’t work well for me. These days, when I spend time in a virtual car, I’m looking for something else. Something more racing-flavored, something more substantive, more focused on real motorsport, and of course I don’t want to pay £30 to unlock a car in a game where I’ve already paid £60.

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Stills showing what GT2 will look like in PS VR7 is out of the question, so these pointless asphalt shots will have to be done.

That said, Polyphony continues to refine the Gran Turismo 7 driving experience, and after ironing out a bunch of different bugs, GT7’s online racing in particular has been pretty good for the past six months. The graphics are also very nice looking and the sense of speed is the best ever in a GT game. It’s a different feeling to drive an Audi R8 GTE on the North Loop than, say, do the same thing on the Assetto Corsa. Polyphony’s latest creation is clearly faster, and if you reduce the “field of view” setting in almost any other racing simulator, there’s not much that can rival Gran Turismo 7.

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As of just over a day ago, GT7 now also fully supports PS VR2, and we’re talking the entire game, in VR. Forget those few quick, content-free VR races that are a very limited part of Gran Turismo Sport (and PSVR), where, as I said, it’s entirely possible to drive every millimeter of Yamauchi’s latest tribute to the car , Sony’s new plastic earphones on your head. And it works very, very well.

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I did some racing in VR. In my opinion, the best until a few days ago was Automobilista 2, whose VR support was praised by many speed crazy gamers. Codemasters’ absolutely fantastic rally simulator, Dirt Rally 2.0, also has great VR support, as do Assetto Corsa, iRacing, and Raceroom. However, none of this can match the VR support and how well it’s implemented in Gran Turismo 7, and of course Polyphony should give plenty of credit for that.

Gran Turismo 7
If you plan to buy PS VR2, don’t forget to buy GT7 and Logitech G Pro steering wheel base at the same time.

GT7 on PS VR2 is a fantastic experience from the moment you start. When I jumped into the Ferrari F40 with the helmet on in the first race, that feeling of total immersion is truly something every racing fan must experience. Two years ago we knew that Polyphony had spent more time on GT7’s car interiors than any other developer in this genre, but it didn’t really work in my opinion until now, when I sat there , I can bend over to peek at the steering wheel material and dashboard buttons. Plastic looks like plastic, carbon fiber looks like carbon fiber, and there’s a sense of depth here that I don’t think any other game can compete with in the racing genre. The distance between me and the steering wheel, the distance between the steering wheel and the windshield, the distance between the windshield and the hood, and the distance between the headlights and the road, it’s all so convincing and So finely tuned that during the first three games, I was hooked and couldn’t help but be amazed several times.

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Of course, there are some hiccups with scaling that I might add. My hands and legs/feet feel small, but presumably they are modeled after Japanese racers, not two meter old men from northern Sweden, so I have a small complaint here that should be ignored. The graphics delivered by the PS VR2 have the sharpness, clarity, depth and smoothness that I think make Gran Turismo 7 the perfect game to initially test out your new PS VR2 purchase.Because it’s not Horizon: Call of the Mountain or Resident Evil: Village, but the new VR headset“Killer app”…it’s Gran Turismo 7.

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