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Greentech Auto: Retail gives an 18% discount on electric cars

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Greentech Auto: Retail gives an 18% discount on electric cars

After the state purchase bonus was abolished, a discount battle began. Expert Bratzel: “Industry accepts lower margins”

The abolition of the state purchase bonus for electric cars and the collapse in sales of electric cars has triggered a discount battle in retail.

On average, there is currently an 18 percent discount on an electric car, according to a market analysis by the magazine auto motor und sport based on data from the car exchanges carwow.de, meinauto.de and neuwagen24.de.

Including the state environmental bonus, the average price advantage in 2023 was 21 percent.

Greentech Auto VW ID2 Ecar Elektroauto EV. Foto: VW

Dealers make up the majority of the canceled state environmental bonus.

This means: Manufacturers and retailers are currently covering a large part of the canceled state environmental bonus.

Dacia granted the highest discounts in January with 44 percent on the Spring Essential, while Mazda offers 34 percent when buying an MX-30. There is a 26 percent price advantage for the BMW iX3 Inspiring and 23 percent for the Nissan Leaf (see graphic).

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Car market expert Stefan Bratzel, director of the Center of Automotive Management (CAM) in Bergisch-Gladbach near Cologne, expects that manufacturers and retailers will boost sales throughout the year through discounts.

“It can be assumed that many automobile manufacturers will reduce purchase prices in 2024 through appropriate discounts and thus accept lower margins,” predicts Bratzel.

Tesla Elektroauto tatxi Dylan Calluy Unsplash

Electromobility in Germany in a difficult transition phase after the abolition of the purchase premium

“Electromobility in Germany is in a difficult transition phase with a decline in new electric registrations in 2024 following the abolition of the purchase premium,” analyzes Bratzel.

In addition, the prices for electric cars have risen sharply, which the discounts cannot compensate for. In 2023, the purchase prices for electric cars rose by 4,023 euros or 8.3 percent to an average of 52,693 euros. “While the range and charging performance of electric models are developing relatively well, the market ramp-up of electromobility is suffering significantly from competitive purchase prices compared to combustion engines,” says Bratzel.

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“The further increase in the price of electric models is poison for the new market phase of electromobility, in which, after the technology-savvy early adopters, customer segments with smaller budgets now have to be addressed.”

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