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Greentech Awards: Mobile Sustainability Competition – greenpower4tower GreenIT

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Greentech Awards: Mobile Sustainability Competition – greenpower4tower GreenIT

Im carried out jointly by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV) and the mobile communications infrastructure company mbH (MIG).

Sustainability competition for mobile communications – #greenpower4tower The jury has now chosen the best suggestions. In the category “Overall concept ready for implementation” the proposal from Delta Electronics GmbH was awarded. In addition, two innovation prizes were awarded to the companies MuWind and Plan Solar.

Stefan Schnorr, State Secretary in the BMDV: “I am pleased that the ideas competition produced very good and promising concepts for a local, innovative and CO2-neutral energy supply for particularly remote cell phone locations. The competition has spurred the market to develop autonomous energy supply systems for cell phone masts, which in the future can be implemented in both subsidized and self-financed cell phone expansion. Let us work together to ensure that there is no place in Germany that is too remote or difficult to develop to be served by high-performance mobile communications! With the successful implementation of the ideas competition, we have implemented another important component of the federal government’s gigabit strategy.”

Dr. Schwarz-Schilling, spokeswoman for the jury: “We heard exciting presentations today. When evaluating the proposals, in addition to the innovation aspect, the jury particularly took into account the technical functionality, the space requirements, the cost estimate as well as the level of maturity and detail so that they can be implemented in productive operation in a timely manner at locations supported by MIG. The Delta Electronis proposal particularly meets these requirements. The decisive factor for this was the holistic and quantitative consideration of all relevant requirements as well as an implementation-oriented, innovative solution concept for energy self-sufficient tower locations. In order to do justice to the high number of innovative approaches, the jury decided to award two innovation prizes. On the one hand, this concerns the MuWind company’s concept for a particularly promising, sustainable wind turbine and, on the other hand, Plan Solar’s proposal for a particularly sophisticated, data-driven planning and operating process for energy-autonomous tower locations.

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Ernst Ferdinand Wilmsmann, Managing Director of MIG:

“I would like to thank the idea contributors who took part in the mobile communications sustainability competition. #greenpower4tower have participated. All concepts submitted contributed to the success of the ideas competition – even if they are not among those awarded today. The idea contributors have the opportunity to stay in touch with the tower companies and the mobile network operators and promote the implementation or further development of their proposed solutions. We have created a platform for this with the matching event in Naumburg. We will now put the results of the ideas competition into practice as a pilot project within the framework of funded mobile phone sites. We already have an eye on suitable cell phone locations for this purpose.”


At many mobile phone locations, energy supply is a challenge, for example due to the very high costs of a power connection, due to geographical features or due to the crossing of landscape areas worthy of protection. That’s why the BMDV and the MIG have the Federal Government’s Open Day in August 2023 Sustainability competition for mobile communications – #greenpower4tower started. The aim of this ideas competition is to identify and test innovative local energy supply systems without local CO2 emissions for remote, particularly complex and expensive mobile phone locations in productive operation. By the end of December 2023, a pleasingly broad field of participants had submitted ideas, concepts and solutions.

The ideas were evaluated by a jury of subject matter experts.

They included: Dr. Cara Schwarz-Schilling (Speaker of the jury), Managing Director and Director of the Scientific Institute for Infrastructure and Communication Services GmbH, Prof. Przemyslaw KomarnickiHead of Department for Energy Systems and Infrastructures, Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation IFF, Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences, Prof. Andreas UlbigChair of Active Energy Distribution Networks, Institute for Electrical Systems and Networks (IAEW), Digitalization and Energy Economics, RWTH Aachen, Dr. Johannes MöllmannConsultant at the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Department of Rural Development, Digital Innovation, Department of Digitalization in Rural Areas,

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Jochen Donauerspeaker in Federal Ministry for Digital Affairs and Transport, Mobile Communications Promotion Unit, Digital Connectivity Department, Ernst Ferdinand Wilmsmann Managing Director of Mobile Communications Infrastructure Company mbH.

The MIG implements the federal government’s mobile communications funding program. This will support the construction of the mast and its operation for a period of seven years. The government funding will make the location more attractive for use. After the subsidized mast has been completed, the mobile network operators install their antennas under fixed conditions that are generally more favorable thanks to the funding of the so-called passive infrastructure in order to illuminate the “white spot”.

Since its founding, MIG has analyzed more than 2,300 areas underserved by mobile communications. Over 900 locations are currently being prepared for potential funding and funding has already been approved for over 30 projects. The first masts are already in place and more are being planned. Through its activities, the MIG has set the course for the number of funding projects to continue to increase.

More information about mobile communications funding and MIG can be found at

www.netzda-mig.de can be found.

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