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Greentech Bosch relies on SmartHome and intelligent radiator thermostats

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Greentech Bosch relies on SmartHome and intelligent radiator thermostats

Using energy correctly and efficiently to effectively and sustainably save costs and resources – sounds complicated, but according to Bosch Smart Home, it should be child’s play: With smart home gadgets, every home should become a smart home.

On the occasion of International Energy Saving Day on March 5th, the Stuttgart tech company is showing products for entry into a smart future: including the 100 euro Smart Home Controller II – the centerpiece for entry into the Bosch ecosystem. This acts as a control center between users and the smart home devices.

Once connected to the smart home products, they can be controlled using the Bosch Smart Home app via smartphone from anywhere – whether on vacation, on a business trip or even just while shopping.

Greentech Bosch ensures “smart heat”

To this day, ordinary radiator thermostats are not very intuitive to operate. Who can accurately quantify the difference between level 2 and level 3, let alone comprehensibly reconcile it with their own energy balance?

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With the 80 euro radiator thermostat II from Bosch Smart Home, the temperature can be read precisely at any time via the built-in display or in the Bosch Smart Home app and set manually or via the app. Using set schedules, scenarios or automation, certain rooms in the home are only heated when users want this.

Stay in touch smartly

When the Radiator Thermostats II are combined with other smart helpers from the Bosch portfolio, the first comfort functions become apparent. With the door/window contacts II (Plus), your home not only becomes smarter, but also safer.

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The contacts show whether windows or doors are still open when you leave your own four walls or provide notification if doors or windows are opened unintentionally while you are away. If window contacts and Bosch Smart Home thermostats are in the same smart home system, the heating is automatically reduced when the window is opened for ventilation. (RRP €42.95 including 19% VAT or €52.95 including VAT)

Good climate, good mood

The right climate in your home is essential for your own well-being. While bad moods between Bosch Smart Home residents cannot be controlled, the Room Thermostat II at least creates the right atmosphere for good coexistence.

In addition to the temperature, the room thermostat II also measures the humidity, for example, and uses the built-in LED to provide color information as to whether it is too high or too low.

The highlight: Depending on which room the room thermostat is used in, it automatically interacts with the smart home devices in it. For example, it controls all radiator thermostats available in the room in order to regulate them precisely to the desired temperature.


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