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Greentech Funding: Aphea.Bio receives €17 million for sustainable agriculture:

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Greentech Funding: Aphea.Bio receives €17 million for sustainable agriculture:

Greentech Funding Aphea.Bio sustainable agriculture

Together with the European Circular Bioeconomy Fund (ECBF), the Belgian agricultural technology company Aphea.Bio has successfully closed its Series C financing of 70 million euros.

The funding round was led by Innovation Industries, joined by Korys Investments, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, SFPIM and BNP Paribas Fortis, the ECBF and existing shareholders.

ECBF relies on green business

The strategic investment aims to promote sustainable agricultural practices and underscores the ECBF’s commitment to the transition to a healthier and more resilient food system.

Heat and drought in Germany – climate change must be slowed down / Photo: Elizabeth Lies via Unsplash

Funding enables research and growth opportunities

The funding will support Aphea.Bio’s rapid growth and solidify the company’s position as a leader in biologic product development. It enables Aphea.Bio to further advance biologics research and development, scale product launches, expand market reach and commercialize product offerings.

Isabel Vercauteren, CEO of Aphea.Bio states: “We are pleased to have secured Series C funding, which advances our mission to enable sustainable, profitable and reliable farming, but also moves us forward on the journey to commercialization. The investment allows us to further expand our operations and bring our products to market on a larger scale, so we can address urgent farming challenges and meet the needs of farmers worldwide.”

Greentech startup: 18 million for sustainable bioeconomy and bio-based circular economy

The ECBF acts as a returning investor from the Series B funding round
Founded in 2020, the ECBF (www.ecbf.vc) invests in deep tech companies that support the transition to a sustainable bioeconomy and bio-based circular economy – including Aphea.Bio.

The ECBF recognized the immense potential of Aphea.Bio early on and already supported the company in the Series B financing round, in which Alpha.Bio collected 18 million euros.

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As a returning investor, the continued investment underscores the fund’s confidence in the company’s visionary leadership, transformative technologies and unparalleled market potential

Sustainable agriculture: what constitutes sustainable agriculture anyway?

Producing enough food with respect to nature to make a living from it and later to be able to hand over the business to the next generation – this principle of sustainability has always been an important guideline for farmers.

And yet, for several decades, agriculture has left the path of sustainability in many areas, and the voices of critics calling for a departure from the current model of agriculture are becoming louder and more numerous.

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