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Greentech: Mega solar park in Baden-Württemberg – electricity for 30,000 households

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Greentech: Mega solar park in Baden-Württemberg – electricity for 30,000 households

A planned solar park in Baden-Württemberg is expected to have an output of around 80 megawatts and be able to supply tens of thousands of households. The energy supplier EnBW broke ground yesterday for what the industry says is the largest solar park in the country.

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XXL solar system in Baden-Württemberg can supply 30,000 three-person households – at least mathematically

According to EnBW, the plant in Langenenslingen (Biberach district) is scheduled to go into operation in 2025 with an installed capacity of 80 megawatts and will therefore be able to supply around 30,000 three-person households. It is therefore designed to run for 30 years. The park is 80 hectares in size and has previously been used for agricultural purposes.

The Biberach district administrator Mario Glaser (non-party) and Langenenslingen’s mayor Andreas Schneider (non-party) were at the groundbreaking ceremony. “Our region shows how sustainable, local energy production and community life intertwine,” said District Administrator Glaser in Langenenslingen. Thorsten Jörß, EnBW responsible for the project development of the solar parks, praised the cooperation on the solar park on Monday.

“Even a project this big can be completed quickly if everyone pulls together.”

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Greentech Baden-Württemberg is a pioneer

According to Andreas Schlumberger, managing director of the Solar Cluster Baden-Württemberg association, solar parks are essential to achieve the climate goals. Around 10,400 megawatts of photovoltaics are currently installed on roofs and open spaces between Mannheim and Lindau. By 2040 there should be 47,000 megawatts, a third of which will be in open spaces.

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According to the managing director of the industry association, solar parks with an output of 800 megawatts are required every year. “These are 10 solar parks in the size class that EnBW is currently building,” says Schlumberger. “Or 80 solar parks, if you look at the conventional sizes of a solar park in the country.” The industry association now even assumes that significantly more output will be needed by 2040. He expects around 70,000 megawatts.

Greentech boom in BW: In 2023, more solar systems (photovoltaics) will be built in Baden-Württemberg than ever before.

According to the Solar Cluster, more photovoltaic systems were built in the southwest last year than ever before. According to the industry association, new systems with an output of around 1,940 megawatts will come online in 2023. That is an increase of 130 percent compared to the previous year.

The information is based on data from the Federal Network Agency’s market master data register and calculations by the Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Württemberg (ZSW). According to the association, the facility in Langenenslingen will be the largest in the country.

According to a spokesman, EnBW currently operates 36 solar parks throughout Germany, 21 of them in Baden-Württemberg. The energy supplier has its largest system in Brandenburg. The spokesman explains that there are significantly larger areas available there than in the southwest. The largest park there has an installed capacity of around 187 megawatts.

The planned solar park in Langenenslingen is a “great milestone for the country,” says Environment Minister Thekla Walker (Greens). Such large-scale projects make a decisive contribution to the expansion of renewable energies in the country.

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