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Greentech Mobility: ONOMOTION cooperates with Mercedes-Benz Vans for last mile

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Greentech Mobility: ONOMOTION cooperates with Mercedes-Benz Vans for last mile

The iconic electric cargo bike manufacturer ONOMOTION and Mercedes-Benz Vans are joining forces: the unlikely duo combines cargo bikes and eSprinters on the last mile. According to their own statements, the new partners have further developed the SUSTAINEER technology platform based on the Mercedes-Benz eSprinter.

Intelligent mobility

The cooperation between SUSTAINEER and the e-cargo bike ONO is intended to create an efficient logistics concept for locally CO2-emission-free delivery on the last mile.

The SUSTAINEER equipped with this technology functions as a mobile micro-hub by mobilely transferring and exchanging pre-picked containers from ONOMOTION to ONO e-cargo bikes.

Due to the rapid unloading and pick-up of the containers, both the fully electric ones
Vans and e-cargo bikes deliver the goods in parallel and meet dynamically. This significantly shortens delivery times and at the same time contributes to reducing local CO2 emissions in parcel transport.

The mobile meeting optimizes last mile delivery

The logistics concept uses the respective characteristics of both electric vehicles to maximize efficiency. In the logistics center, the eSprinter is used for the delivery route
loaded with large or heavy packages and the container for the cargo bike.

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Goal: More sustainable transport and supply chains

According to the provider, ONOMOTION’s containers offer an optimal solution for large parcel quantities with a loading volume of two cubic meters and a payload of up to 200 kilograms. These are loaded into the SUSTAINEER using the vehicle’s integrated hydraulic lifting arm.

Combination of cargo bike and eSprinter

By combining Cargobike and eSprinter, parcels with different parcel structures can be delivered in parallel without wasting time.

During the journey, the eSprinter stops at selected locations to hand over the container to the ONO e-cargo bike. Thanks to a quick reloading process in which the container is simply rolled onto the back of the bike and coupled, the time-consuming reloading of individual packages during the delivery process is no longer necessary.

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The ONO e-Cargobike then transports the packages quickly and efficiently to the recipients. The eSprinter delivers larger packages independently or accepts returns.

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