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Greentech wind energy: Arcadis Ost 1 offshore wind farm starts in the Baltic Sea

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Greentech wind energy: Arcadis Ost 1 offshore wind farm starts in the Baltic Sea

Another wind farm in front of Rügen is completely connected to the grid. All 27 Arcadis Ost 1 wind turbines have been supplying electricity since the beginning of December, said Manfred Dittmer, Germany boss of the Belgian energy company Parkwind, to the German Press Agency. According to the company, the wind farm has an output of 257 megawatts and can theoretically supply up to 290,000 households. The park was already partially online at the beginning of the year.

The first foundation for the wind farm in the Baltic Sea was installed in June 2022. In mid-November of this year, Parkwind announced the installation of the last turbines.

According to Dittmer, the construction was a technical challenge. “In addition to the 45 meters of water depth, there was also a layer of unsustainable mud and silt that was up to 30 meters thick in some places.” Therefore, ships that are firmly connected to the seabed were not used as usual. Instead, according to Parkwind, it is the world‘s first wind farm that was built using only free-floating cranes. Among other things, the second largest floating crane in the world was used. The tubular foundations alone are up to 110 meters long and weigh around 2,000 tons.

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Greentech Offshore: Maintenance of the wind farm, however, will be carried out from Mukran on Rügen

“I would have liked that we could have had the installation port on the island of Rügen, for example,” said Dittmer. But there wasn’t enough space there. “We therefore had to move to the island of Bornholm, which I personally found a shame.” The maintenance of the wind farm, however, is to be carried out by Mukran on Rügen. In his own words, Dittmer supports an appeal from the wind power industry to ensure sufficient German port infrastructure.

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The Offshore Wind Energy Foundation published an analysis at the beginning of the week, according to which up to 200 hectares of additional heavy-duty areas would be needed for the construction of new offshore wind farms in German seaports by 2029. This is equivalent to a parking lot with 260,000 cars or 270 football fields. Investments worth billions would be needed. In view of ambitious expansion targets for wind power at sea, there is talk of a major lack of port capacity.

According to Dittmer, the so-called thread break – an interruption in offshore expansion after a previous federal government had partially questioned it – has been overcome. Offshore wind power is developing into the backbone of the energy transition. One advantage is the greater energy yield compared to solar energy or wind power on land. The predictability of wind yield is also much better at sea. Dittmer spoke of the “power plant properties of offshore wind”. “The volatility is not completely gone, but it is less than onshore and it is more predictable.”

According to the Offshore Wind Energy Foundation, more than 1.3 gigawatts (GW) of power are installed in the German Baltic Sea. Next year, the energy company Iberdrola’s Baltic Eagle wind farm with 476 megawatts is also scheduled to go into operation off Rügen. Further wind farms are planned in the Baltic Sea.

Including the North Sea, the federal government wants to expand offshore wind power to a capacity of 30 GW by 2030 and to 70 GW by 2045. This corresponds to an expansion of 62 GW within the next 22 years and, according to industry figures, requires up to 7,000 new offshore wind turbines.

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