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Group-IB grows in Europe, Giulio Vada becomes Head of Sales

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Group-IB grows in Europe, Giulio Vada becomes Head of Sales

Group-IB appointment Giulio Vada Head of Sales for the Iberian Peninsula and Italy: the company intends to increase its presence on the European market with targeted initiatives.

The focus of countries in the region on the digitalisation of their economies and increasing investment in digital security are in line with Group-IB’s experience and commitment in the fight against cybercrime. Together, Spain and Portugal make up the fourth largest economy in the European Union. Both countries are focused on innovation and the construction of cutting-edge infrastructure capable of promoting the future growth of a market in which the tertiary sector constitutes over 76% of commercial activities. According to estimates by Statista.com, the turnover of the Spanish cybersecurity market is expected to reach $2.96 billion in 2024.

At the same time, Spain and Portugal are among the most affected countries in Europe in terms of data leaks, and the activities of ransomware groups and Initial Access Brokers (IABs). Group-IB intends to bring cutting-edge solutions to the region, with Threat Intelligence, Digital Risk Protection, Attack Surface Management and Fraud Protection at the forefront. This product line, consolidated within the Unified Risk Platform ecosystem, aligns perfectly with the evolution of the needs and preferences of the local market, especially in a currently rapidly expanding sector such as cybersecurity.

Camill Cebulla, Commercial Director of Group-IB in Europe
Our goal is to position Group-IB as a trusted partner for public institutions and businesses in investigating, preventing and fighting cybercrime across Europe.
The extension of the role of Giulio Vada, already Business Development Manager of Group-IB for Italy, to Head of Sales for the Iberian region is a milestone for Group-IB, which begins a new chapter of growth and innovation in this area …

Thanks to his deep knowledge of regional dynamics and his vast experience, Vada will lead the company’s expansion in Spain and Portugal, focusing on key growth sectors such as financial services, telecommunications, industrial manufacturing and the public sector. While focusing on the Iberian region, the Italian market will remain within its sphere of responsibility.
The commercial strategy of the company in the region led by Vada is focused on creating a strong partner ecosystem, establishing Group-IB in the market and committing to building strategic relationships with stakeholders, customers and partners from the public and private sectors.

Giulio Vada
Despite the fragmentation of the IT channel and the competition from established cybersecurity providers and startups, I firmly believe in the strategy of investing in solid partnerships and making our company emerge as a reliable and trusted player.
The company intends to place significant emphasis on compliance with current cybersecurity standards and regulations as part of its efforts to navigate the regulatory landscape and be an attractive partner for companies in the region.‌

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