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Hacker, new threat from voice messages

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Hacker, new threat from voice messages

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A voice message via email to spread a malicious virus. It is the last frontier of hackers according to the security company Check Point Software. The technique, which has already been used to confuse WhatsApp users in the past, this time targets companies instead. In fact, many enable email notification of the arrival of messages on the answering machine. Hackers take advantage of this functionality, however, by inserting as an attachment to the email not an audio file, which is what one would expect in such cases, but an executable program which, if opened, starts a virus on the computer.

According to Check Point researchers, in recent weeks there have been at least a thousand of these attacks globally. The email begins with a subject containing a phone number, which when Googled turns out not to be legitimate. If you continue, the text seems to come – but it is not – from a real secretarial service. «A voice message can be effective for some users, while others may not notice it», explains Jeremy Fuchs, Cybersecurity Researcher and Analyst at Check Point Software, «by impersonating a well-known brand and adding a voice message that arouses curiosity, cybercriminals have created an interesting way to obtain credentials from end users.”

Exactly two years ago, Armorblox researchers discovered a hacking campaign targeting WhatsApp users. The criminals posed as officials from the Moscow Region Road Safety Center and sent voice messages, received via email, to be opened to listen to a communication. The victim, convinced he was clicking to listen to the audio, actually opened a website which, after receiving the ‘allow’ command from the browser, installed malware on the computer.

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