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Hearthstone Unveils “Attack! The Lich King” Expansion Pack and New Class: Death Knight | 4Gamers

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Hearthstone Unveils “Attack! The Lich King” Expansion Pack and New Class: Death Knight | 4Gamers

Blizzard Entertainment announced today (2) that the last “Hearthstone” expansion this year, “Attack! The Lich King” will be released globally on December 7, and the new professional “Death Knight” will also debut simultaneously.


The new expansion “Attack!” In addition to the new class “Death Knight”, The Lich King has the following contents:

  • 68 new cards, including 32 free core set cards
  • Hero Power “Ghoul Charge”: Summons a 1/1 ghoul that has a charge and dies at the end of the round.

The death knight's hero ability

  • New resource type “corpse”: Every time a friendly subordinate dies, it is considered a corpse.
  • Deck construction system “Runes”: Blood runes with the ability to manipulate health are suitable for control type play. Frost runes can deal direct damage with frost spells. Unholy Runes can fill the table with minions through crowd tactics.
  • New minion type “undead”: Players can more easily identify undead minions, hundreds of minions in past expansions have been updated to join the undead minion type.

The Lich King leads the Scourge Legion of the undead, and these foul creatures are Hearthstone's next new recruit type: the undead!

  • New keyword “Mana Thirst”: When you have enough mana crystals, the card will trigger a certain effect and gain additional power. In addition, the process of triggering the bonus effect does not cost any mana.

New Keyword: Mana Thirst!Cards become more powerful when you have a certain number of mana crystals

There is also a remake of the event system this time. The user interface of Hearthstone has newly planned an exclusive section for various events. Every time there is an event, the button of the game log will be displayed with a different icon, and a separate block has been added to the log for the reward content.

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The Knights of the Thousand Ghosts event will be officially launched today and will last for two weeks. In “Attack! Before the official launch of The Lich King, all Frozen Throne cards will be available in Standard Mode.

Pre-order “Attack!” The Lich King Hero Collection Pack contains 80 packs of Attack! Lich King” card pack, 5 packs limited themed “Attack!” Lich King “Golden Card Pack, 2 random “Attack!” The Lich King Collector’s Edition Legendary Card, the full Way of Arthas card set, the Lothoma Hunter hero skin and the card back.


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