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helps eliminate distractions

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helps eliminate distractions

Do you remember the Xiaomi Qin 1S low cost smartphone? Well, the time has come to go back to referring to a device of that type. However, this time in the middle there is a smartphone that helps eliminate distractions in a targeted way in terms of target.

In this regard, as also reported by GSMArena, the new Duoqin Qin 3 Ultra, which features a 5.02-inch diagonal screen (the resolution is HD+) and an operating system based on Android 12, is designed to prevent students from being distracted too much. On the other hand, between social networks and video games, the digital world that the latest generations can access is boundless.

In short, we try to limit the available functions a little, while preserving the possibility of carrying out the basic operations. To be clear, there is no shortage of a MediaTek Helio G99 processor, 8GB of RAM, 256GB of internal memory and a personalized app store, which however does not include the types of software indicated above. There is instead a 5MP front camera, as well as on the back there is an 8MP sensor and an LED flash. All not so much for social media, as you can well imagine, but to preserve memories a bit like it happened for those who have a little more years on their shoulders.

A light experience, even in the sense that Duoqin Qin 3 Ultra weighs only 118 grams. This is also thanks to the battery of just 2,500 mAh, given that, by removing some of the most resource-intensive activities, good results can still be obtained in terms of autonomy without having to go further. What colors are available? They are the Gold, Pink and Black ones.

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As you can well imagine, however, the smartphone is officially sold only in China, at a cost of 1,599 yuan (about 215 euros at current exchange rates). The chances of a more extensive launch seem to be small, but it is certainly a device that even some smartphone enthusiasts could consider “unexpected” in some ways.

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