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Here Anthropic launches Claude 3: is it really the new rival of Gemini and ChatGpt?

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Here Anthropic launches Claude 3: is it really the new rival of Gemini and ChatGpt?

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In the competition between generative Ai, in addition to the usual suspects Google with Gemini and OpenAi with GPT, there is a third wheel: it’s called Anthropic and Claude is the chabot that with its latest release throws down the gauntlet to its direct competitors. There are three versions of the chatbot announced by the start-up acquired by Amazon and led by founders Dario and Daniela Amodei: Opus, with the more powerful Llm, available only with “Pro” paid access, and its smaller brothers Sonnet and Haiku.

The announcement of “A new standard for intelligence”

The pro version, according to the developers, demonstrates “Near-human levels of understanding and fluency in complex tasks” and promises to raise the bar in a wide range of cognitive tasks, outperforming peers in most evaluation benchmarks used to evaluate AI systems, including graduate-level expert knowledge (Mmlu), graduate-level expert reasoning (Gpqa), and basic mathematics (Gsm8k). Opus, in particular, the best performing model of the trio, is presented as an “Intelligence superior to any other model now available” and can be used to plan and execute complex actions on programming interfaces (APIs), interactive coding and databases. At a strategic level it can also conduct research reviews, brainstorm and generate hypotheses. It will also delight those who work with a large amount of numbers, thanks to the advanced analysis of financial data, including diagrams and graphs, generating market trends and forecasts of future scenarios. Added to all this is the discovery of drugs.

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All Claude’s upgrades: from speed to waste to security

Compared to previous generations, the improvements of the third version of the chatbot are significant. In the presentation, Anthropic highlighted that it had achieved greater accuracy, with less frequent errors and with a better ability to understand and answer complex and factual questions, achieving a negligible rate of rejection and rejection of requests. The work carried out by the Anthropic team involved dividing the responses to the requests into three categories: correct, incorrect (or hallucinations) and the so-called “admissions of uncertainty”. In the latter case Claude claims he doesn’t know the answer, avoiding providing incorrect information. Furthermore, greater fluency was found in languages ​​other than English, including Italian. Improvement work which also concerned prejudices and safety. According to the co-founder, Claude 3 has fewer biases than previous models, ensuring an AI safety level 2 (ASL-2), in line with the commitments made with the White House and the 2023 US Executive Order. chatbot would present, at the moment, “a negligible potential for catastrophic risk”, with researchers intending to raise the security level to 3.

Beyond Opus: Sonnets and Haiku

Sonnet is presented as the chatbot capable of achieving an ideal balance between intelligence and speed, offering high performance at a lower cost than its competitors. In a business context it can be used for product advice, market forecasts and targeted marketing. Haiku, the less performing version, is instead perfect for companies that want to improve interactions with customers (fast and accurate support in live interactions and for translations) and in content moderation, detecting risky behavior or customer requests, as well as for all those cost saving activities (optimized logistics, inventory management and in extracting knowledge from unstructured data).

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Model availability

Opus is already available for use with Anthropic’s API for Claude Pro subscribers, while Sonnet is available for free on claude.ai and via Amazon Bedrock. For Haiku we will have to wait a little longer as a release date has not yet been revealed.

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