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Here is Belolab 8 by Bang & Olufsen, the audio speaker created to be admired by all

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Here is Belolab 8 by Bang & Olufsen, the audio speaker created to be admired by all

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They vaguely recall the lamps of the 1940s, they look great if you have light wood parquet as a floor and should be kept away from the television if possible. The Beolab 8 from the Danish brand Bang & Olufsen are beautiful speakers to look at. And it is no coincidence that we start from aesthetics. Usually what were once called “the speakers” were grey-black boxes made to amplify the sound and sound good. Then came the more digital, small and square ones. Carucci to look at and surprisingly powerful for its size. There is also a somewhat crude “maranza” line as we would say today but fortunately it is intended for a niche market. The Beolab 8 as luxury objects are created to be beautiful. Without compromises.
The aluminum body is crossed by wooden slats. The weave of materials is as restful as an elegant wicker chair. The black glass top panel has the controls drawn above. They are just under 30cm tall, weigh four kilos and clearly sound good. But before telling how our audio test went, we need to insist again on their furnishing function. They can be used alone, as a stereo pair, or as part of a B&O home theater speaker system. But there are also those who can place them, for example, in the center of a table (you need a hole to make the power supply wire) or on the wall using a special bracket. The manual states that the recommended space is a maximum of 60 square metres.
Technically they are equipped with three drivers: a 13cm woofer, 7cm midrange and 16mm tweeter. The declared power is 300W of class D amplification. It then supports dual-band Wifi and Bluetooth 5.3 with the AAC and SBC codecs. However, the recommended use is via Wifi. Then in the app we discover that it supports Chromecast, Apple AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect and Tidal Connect via the B&O app, as well as Beolink Multiroom for setups with multiple speakers. You can also connect it to the TV but it’s a shame because these devices seem to have been created to listen to music.
Now let’s get to listening. Everything is fine, also because we are talking about a luxury object, as you may have guessed. The list price starts from 2,499 euros for the less elegant version. The sound is natural and full, and the dynamics are satisfactory even if they do not have the character of audiophile speakers. I wasn’t convinced by the app. It’s true that you can control the output by focusing the sound towards a certain point in the house. But the equalization approach seemed a little too hasty and not very technical to me. This is very Apple style. It doesn’t let you get into too much nerdy detail but gives you the tools to get the most out of it. But perhaps it is a deliberate choice. These speakers are not geek, they are made to be admired.

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