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Here is the new Echo Hub. The control center of the smart home in one display

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Here is the new Echo Hub.  The control center of the smart home in one display

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Echo Hub has arrived in Italy, an Amazon display to hang on the wall to control your smart home. We tried it in preview, and it immediately seemed like a good idea to have at hand what we need to know about what is around us. Conceptually it is a sort of tablet with an 8-inch touch screen. The support and screws are included in the package. It must be placed near a power socket because it must be powered with a cable. So you have to find the right location so that the cable isn’t visible too much. However, you can also place it on a bedside table and in the bookcase. The question of “location” is fundamental because if you hide it too much you risk never using it.

How does it work

Technically it supports all standards – Zigbee, Thread, Bluetooth and Matter, – so it won’t be a problem to connect all the devices you own. What is it for? You can use it as a digital frame to scroll through photos of your home, but also as a dashboard to control the lights, thermostat and even air quality if you have, for example, the Smart Air Quality Monitor sensor also from Amazon. So you can listen to music, connect it to your favorite TV series provider or listen to the news or a podcast. If you use Ring Alarm, the doorbell you can check who is calling directly from the screen. And then there are all the classic features, from lighting management to those of cameras and security.

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What we liked.

Which is all convenient and within reach of the screen. Setup is simple and promises to grow with the smart home product ecosystem over time. But the most interesting aspect is that of being able to program routines, mini-programs to automate certain functions. It’s not always very simple. But with a little patience and application you can really make your home, if not intelligent, at least autonomous.

What we didn’t like.

There is no table stand in the package. And then the fact of being recognized is still disturbing. Echo Hub uses infrared technology to detect when the user is nearby, so it switches from a “screensaver” screen showing the clock or family photos to the home control screen. The price? 199.99 euros and separately it is possible to purchase decorative accessories as well as the table support base.

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