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Heroic has partnered with Gsign –

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Heroic has partnered with Gsign –

Esports organization Heroic has announced that it has partnered with chair and desk manufacturer Gsign. The deal will allow Heroic to leverage Gsign’s expertise and understanding in the field of ergonomics, and will see the pair focus on bringing comfort and health benefits to gamers.

As stated in the announcement tweet, we were told“Gsign is known for quality ergonomic desk chairs that combine function and aesthetics, this partnership will allow Heroic to bring health and comfort to gamers!

accompanying the transactionPress releaseIt also states that Heroic will be working with Gsign to create custom gaming environments, alongside a series of initiatives to raise awareness of the importance of chairs and tables, which are better for your health.

“We are delighted to be working with Gsign on this project,” said Heroic CEO Joachim Haraldsen. “Their expertise in interior design will allow us to create truly unique and engaging experiences for our players and fans. I am a staunch supporter of physical and mental health and I believe Gsign can have a positive and lasting impact on the lives of gamers Impact. We look forward to seeing the fruits of this partnership in the coming months.

No financial information related to the partnership transaction was mentioned.

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