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Hi-Fi RUSH Demo – PCM

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Hi-Fi RUSH Demo – PCM

The new action game “Hi-Fi RUSH” released on Xbox Live Assault has been launched. The game style is unique and refreshing. It combines music beats with action games. PC and Xbox players can’t miss it. The game is also included in Xbox Game Pass, which is even more resistant. Play.

Tango Gameworks is a game studio led by Shinji Mikami. It has developed many works with horror and frightening content before, such as “The Evil Within” series, “Ghostwire: Tokyo”, etc. The new work “Hi -Fi Rush”, the style has been greatly changed. After watching the trailer, I already know the cartoon style techniques, and the character design is interesting, and the actual trial is even more amazing. The protagonist, Ah Cha, claims to be the rock star of tomorrow. Due to an arm injury, he plans to implant a mechanical prosthesis. Because of an accident, he is hunted down by an evil company.

The plot of the game is almost like watching an animation. The characters have distinctive shapes, detailed and rich expressions, and the development of the plot is humorous. There are both Japanese and English dubbing options. If you choose Japanese, you can hear the familiar anime voice actors, which is more cordial. The gameplay of “Hi-Fi RUSH” is basically the same as that of hard-core action games such as “Devil May Cry” and “Bayonetta”. Players are required to attack the enemy with a combination of light and heavy attacks and defeat the level boss. However, “Hi-Fi RUSH” has a stronger arcade flavor, and closely combines the game music and the level environment. Players can input the attack button according to the rhythm of the music, and then they can achieve different combos and special effects, increasing the overall damage. And use the obtained resources to buy new skills and nirvana combinations.

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The level adopts arena-style combat, advance along the road, make some simple actions to solve puzzles, and start fighting at the designated location. Action game players can master the input feel like other similar games. Players who play music games can also listen to the beat to attack , have the same effect. There are many objects in the game environment that can be used as beat references. If you are not used to it, there are visual and input aids that can be enabled. In addition to enemies of ordinary stature, there are also huge boss battles, and the best effect can only be obtained if the player attacks with the beat. Moreover, the level music includes popular authorized music and original music, which is very refreshing to play, and has challenges and collection elements.

The cartoon rendering of the game does not require high hardware. The PC version also supports NVIDIA DLSS 2, AMD FSR 1.0, Unreal Engine TSR, and Intel XeSS upscaling. Even older graphics cards such as GF GTX 1060 6GB can still play smoothly with satisfactory image quality Playing, the new card can also run 120fps fluency. “Hi-Fi RUSH” can be purchased independently or played with Xbox Game Pass, and the unit price is only HK$200.

《Hi-Fi RUSH 》

  • 平台: PC Steam、Epic Games Store、Xbox Series X|S、Xbox Game Pass
  • type: action

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